Quincy man pleads ‘no contest’ to charges stemming from counterfeiting arrest

Feather Publishing

  A man arrested last month in connection with producing and passing counterfeit money in Quincy pleaded no contest to a felony charge on Dec. 7.

  Christopher Hale, 30, of Quincy, pleaded no contest to a felony violation of forgery and admitted he was in violation of the terms of his post-release conviction supervision (under Assembly Bill 109).

  Plumas County district attorney David Hollister said Hale will be sentenced Jan. 18, 2013, when he will receive up to two years of confinement time in county jail.

  On Nov. 8, Hale was arrested after a search warrant was served on his residence.

  During the search, equipment and items used to forge counterfeit bills were located. Hale was also identified as the person passing counterfeit bills at a number of local businesses.

  Witnesses were able to identify Hale, in part, by a two-word expletive tattooed on his upper torso and visible when Hale entered the business and passed the counterfeit bill.

  At the time of his arrest, Hale had a warrant issued for his arrest for his failure to comply with the terms of his post-release community supervision. PRCS is the form of supervision created by AB 109 whereby parolees who were formerly supervised on parole by the state are now supervised by local probation departments.

  The DA’s office thanked Detective Sgt. Steve Peay and his entire unit for their aggressive efforts during this lengthy and complicated investigation.

  Hollister noted, “The crime of counterfeiting is an egregious offense potentially causing serious harm to our local merchants. Those engaging in this conduct should expect to be apprehended and prosecuted in a manner consistent with the harm they have done to our community.”

  Hollister said, “This has been a consistently busy and challenging year on many levels for those working to provide a high level of safety and security to Plumas County.”

  He offered thanks to everyone for their efforts toward safety.

  Following is a sample of some of the criminal cases prosecuted by the district attorney’s office.

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