Reflections of Almanor

Feather Publishing

It is rare to see Lake Almanor so calm mid-day, which aids the sparkling reflections of snow clouds, according to photographer Jan Davies. “The tail end of Wednesday night’s storm, which only brought a dusting to most areas, was enough to brighten up our world again with pure white,” she said. “I managed to take this amazing photograph during my 2 p.m. drive home from Chester on Jan. 10. It is a view from ‘Stump Beach,’ one of the few places I am able to pull off the highway safely right now.”

The storm also brought lower temperatures back to the Basin. The freezing weather and lack of berm melting have presented Davies with a number of challenges. “I am frustrated trying to find places to safely photograph. I see so much striking beauty and can’t get off the road or out of the car without risking life and limb, or losing a paint job to the plow and grader,” she said.   Photo by Jan Davies

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