Man jailed on severe domestic violence charges

  A Portola man was jailed on half a million dollars bail March 1, accused of savagely beating his live-in girlfriend.

  David Scott Hall, 40, was booked on felony charges, including attempted murder.

  Hall was arrested at the Eastern Plumas Health Care emergency room where his girlfriend was being treated for extensive injuries. The arresting deputy reported the woman’s facial injuries rendered her so unrecognizable that “she looked like she had been in a car accident.”

  According to a report from the Plumas County District Attorney’s Office, the woman suffered broken bones in her neck and forearm, a possible fractured skull and extensive facial injuries.

  “The injuries were as extensive as any suffered by a surviving victim in Plumas County’s recent history,” District Attorney David Hollister said. He added it was “one of the worst domestic violence” cases he has seen.

  Hall was accused of holding the woman captive and assaulting her with his fists and various other items including a knife, needle and a C-clamp hand tool.

  Hall, who reportedly has two prior convictions that resulted in prison sentences, appeared in Plumas County Superior Court on Friday, March 8.

  He was charged with four felonies, including attempted murder and domestic violence, as well as enhancements for causing great bodily injury and using deadly weapons.

  His next court appearance is scheduled for March 22.

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