Superintendent says Segura issue a confidential personnel matter

Superintendent Micheline Miglis
Laura Beaton
Staff Writer


Superintendent Micheline Miglis responded Wednesday, March 13, to the public outcry over Sue Segura not being hired back next year as principal of Quincy High School.

The superintendent didn’t mention Segura by name or offer a reason why the school board chose to not renew the principal's contract. She said personnel matters in the school district were confidential.

“We honor confidentiality; personnel matters are personnel matters,” Miglis said. “Our hope is that our community focus on how we support our students during times when decisions are made that we may or may not agree with.

“We’re paying attention. We take it all very seriously,” Miglis said. “We give very serious attention to all of this, all of the certificated teacher reductions."

Miglis praised the board members, saying they are very intelligent, very competent, and make decisions only after much careful deliberation.

She said the board members do not take their decisions lightly, nor does she. She said they take time to evaluate every decision carefully, for the health of the community, the students and the schools.

The superintendent said she and the board members are trying to answer every email and phone call to the best of their abilities, as time allows, while also honoring confidentiality.

Every board meeting is open to public comment, Miglis said. She invited anyone who wishes to address the board to do so at its next meeting April 11 in Portola.

This story will be updated if more information becomes available.

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