New disc golf course in the works

Chris Brown (left) and Jake Hall (right) enjoy a round of disc golf at The Brewing Lair. At the moment, a section of the course is available to play. A work day to finish the course is scheduled for May 18. The course will be the first course in Plumas County to have regulation baskets, be completely open to the public and be free to play.
James Wilson

  Disc golf has been a popular sporting activity in Plumas County for quite some time now, though there has never been any official courses in the area. Most disc golfers have built little courses out in the woods or on pieces of private property using materials lying around the house. That’s about to change.

  The first official course in Plumas County with regulation baskets is set to be built around the grounds at The Brewing Lair in Blairsden on May 18. The Brewery is pairing up with the Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship to make the dream of the course a reality.

  Each year, the stewardship holds work parties they call Trail Dazes. These parties attract a good number of volunteers who put in a day’s work building trails. So far, all the Trail Dazes have been on trail systems in the national forest.

  The Brewing Lair is one of the stewardship’s main supporters and has provided beer for volunteers at every Trail Daze. To say thank you, the stewardship is holding the next Trail Daze at the brewery, where volunteers will put the finishing touches on the disc golf course.

  “(The Brewing Lair) has always supported out programs and trails,” said the Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship’s executive director Greg Williams. “We’re excited to be able to give something back to the brewery. Also, we’re just really passionate about drinking beer.”

  Susan Duniphin and Rich Delano, owners of The Brewing Lair, decided a year ago that a perfect pairing for beer is disc golf. After a bit of deliberation, the two dedicated themselves to the idea of building a regulation course at the brewery. The process was a bit slower than they thought, however.

  A big obstacle Duniphin and Delano faced was obtaining the baskets needed. Regulation disc golf baskets cost between $350 and $500 each. It took a bit of time, but the brewery owners eventually obtained nine baskets.

  The course will be open to the public and free to play. The brewery also offers beers by the pint and growler that disc golfers can enjoy while playing a round on the 15 acre course.

  The Trail Daze will focus on installing the baskets. This will include digging postholes and filling them with cement. Tree trimming, limb removal and light trail building will also take place at the work party. The Trail Daze starts at 10 a.m. and goes until 3 p.m.

  Volunteers will receive two pints of beer, a hearty lunch provided by Pangaea Café and Pub and a gift certificate for a growlita of beer. The cost to attend the workday is $25. All donated money will go to the stewardship’s trail restoration projects.

       Those interested in helping with the upcoming Trail Daze are invited to contact Tara Stone at tara@sierratrails>

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