Protect our creeks this summer

  We all love to swim in and enjoy the creeks that surround our communities during the warm summer months. While we are recreating in our beautiful county we should be conscious of the effect we are having on the area for other users and for wildlife.

  This past week, while on a walk with some friends, I noticed someone had driven up and down Spanish Creek and the beach near the big pullout off Beskeen Lane.

  This is the same site where someone drove up and down the creek last summer. Not only can driving in the creek be an annoyance to other people around you, it can have an effect on water quality and wildlife.

  Driving in the creek causes water quality issues by stirring up sediment, which can affect fish habitat. Sediment can settle on the stream bottom, which can smother fish eggs and aquatic insects (the things fish eat), and clog fish gills.

  Sediment can also increase water temperatures by absorbing heat from the sunlight.

  Driving in the creek also washes dirt and fluids from your car directly into the water. Gasoline, oil, coolant and other fluids on your car can be harmful to our local wildlife, fish, frogs, insects and mammals, as well as our friends and neighbors who are using the creek.

  When you go to the creek this summer please pick up after yourself; trash and broken glass are not only unsightly, they can be very dangerous.

  Please don’t drive in the creek. If you see someone driving in the creek, call the California Department of Fish and Wildlife’s CalTip hotline at 888-334-2258 to report the activity.

  The hotline is completely confidential. Please have the vehicle make, model, color and license plate number ready. Together we can help keep our watershed clean for us all.

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