Thunderstorm causes increased fire activity; evacuations possible

Feather Publishing
8/19/2013 6:00 p.m
There are mandatory evacuations in Taylorsville  from Nelson Street along Arlington Road (southside) to Johnson Ranch Road.  The evacuation center is at the Town Hall in Greenville.
8/19/2013  5:00 p.m.

Winds from an active thunder cell over Indian Valley have caused in increase in fire activity.  The active cell is moving from Greenville in the direction of Taylorsville.  It is producing downstrikes and strong downdraft winds. The winds have  necessitated a temporary halt to air activity for safety reasons.  Air tankers are being released to other fires.  

Fire personnel are coming off of the fire lines and into Taylorsville to assist with structure protections.  Additional structure fire engines, including two from Quincy are being moved into the area.


The Plumas County Search and Rescue has been called to Taylorsville to assist with possible evacuations starting with the Johnson Ranch area. The Fire is backing down the hill in the China Grade area.  Road closures are also being considered

The Forest Service is using Gansner Field in Quincy as heli-base. People walking dogs in the area (its a popular spot) need to keep them on leashes.
The Taylorsville campground and rodeo grounds are closed because the Forest Service is setting up an incident base there. There are currently about 300 personnel on the fire.  More will arrive tomorrow including a Type II Incident Management Team.




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