October cooler than normal

Dale Knudsen
Special to Feather Publishing


Temperatures in the Lake Almanor Basin were lower than the long-term average during the month of October.

Our average morning low (27.4 degrees) was a bit more than four degrees cooler than the norm, and our average afternoon high (65.6 degrees) was almost a degree cooler. Still, our temperatures were pleasantly autumn-like and our foliage colors were a sight to behold.

October total precipitation was a little on the light side, amounting to 1.21 inches of new precipitation at the Prattville monitoring site. This brought our season total to 1.97 inches at the end of the month, which is about 65 percent of the long-term average for this point in the season.

However, we are just starting into our usual wet period so it’s a bit early to make too much of the current total.

The Basin received its first dusting of snow Oct. 28. That event dropped about an inch of snow on the West Shore area, which is very close to the long-term average.

An average November in the Basin should see temperatures gradually decline a few more degrees and precipitation increase substantially.

Historically we have received an average of about 11 inches of snowfall in November.

Coupling that water content with typical November rainfall should add about 3.8 inches of total precipitation to our tally. But, as usual, we’ll just have to wait and see if Nature actually brings us average moisture this year.

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