Suicide note found in alleged shooter's home

Dan McDonald
Managing Editor

Alan Oliver Frazier said he was angry about the way he was treated by doctors after he complained of suffering painful complications following a vasectomy surgery.

That anger, coupled with a reported history of mental illness, might have led the 51-year-old Hamilton Branch man to shoot three people last week.

Reno police confirmed that during a search of Frazier’s home they found he had left a suicide note that detailed plans for the shooting.

Frazier walked into a Reno, Nev., medical office Tuesday afternoon, Dec. 17, and shot two doctors and a young woman with a 12-gauge shotgun before killing himself with the gun.

He was also in possession of two loaded handguns that reportedly weren’t used during the rampage.

One of the victims, 46-year-old urologist Dr. Garo Gholdoian, died at the scene. Dr. Christine Lajeunesse, 51, was still in critical condition as of late last week. The third victim, Shawntae Spears, 20, was reported to be in serious condition. Spears was reportedly the relative of a patient.

The shooting happened just after 2 p.m. at the Center for Advanced Medicine at Renown Regional Medical Center.

An investigation by Feather Publishing reporter James Wilson last Wednesday traced Frazier to an Internet site where Frazier documented his frustration about the effects of a vasectomy operation he underwent sometime in 2010.

Frazier’s first post on the Yahoo vasectomy support group site was Aug. 11, 2012. His final post on the site was Nov. 14, 2013. He was associated with 380 posts in the online group during those 15 months.

In his first post, Frazier described himself as “yet another victim of an inhumane medical procedure from hell.”

He described “excruciating pain” and said that doctors and staff didn’t take his complaints seriously.

“Dealing with the smoke/mirrors and bold face lies has been shocking not just from the md’s (sic) but from most of the staff,” Frazier wrote. “In a nutshell they blew me off, we don’t treat that, just see what happens, etc.”

As of Friday, it was not known if the doctors Frazier shot were associated with his surgery.

Frazier also reportedly had a history of mental illness. According to an Associated Press report, Frazier’s former fiancee said he suffered from depression. She said he became a different person when he stopped taking antidepressants.

The ex-fiancee, Stephanie Wright-West, told the AP that she and Frazier lived together for about six months before he called off the engagement.

While Frazier was angry with doctors, he didn’t appear to be an angry person. One of his neighbors said he was “a good neighbor.” She said Frazier “helped shovel everyone’s snow in the winter.”

She said Frazier gave her some pears from one of his trees. She said she made pear butter for him in return.

He was reportedly an avid hunter and liked to fish. In his online posts he described himself as an athletic person.

The Reno Police Department is heading the investigation with assistance from the Plumas County Sheriff’s Office.

Soon after the shooting, Plumas County Sheriff Greg Hagwood said two deputies went to Frazier’s residence to conduct a “protective sweep” to make sure there were no other victims.


Wounded doctor has Plumas ties

Dr. Lajeunesse recently signed a contract with Eastern Plumas Health Care and was scheduled to begin working for the hospital Jan. 1, 2014.

According to hospital CEO Tom Hayes, Lajeunesse was going to work a few days each month at the Indian Valley clinic. He said EPHC was hoping to integrate her into its Graeagle and Portola clinics.

Hayes said the hospital’s board and executive staff were excited to have the urologist coming to the area, because there was a demand for her services.

He said Lajeunesse has a vacation home in Indian Valley.

“I was just absolutely devastated when I heard that she was one of the doctors who got shot,” Hayes said. “I’m just heartbroken that such a nice person can be involved in this.”

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