Looking back at the 1864 Taylorsville School

Feather Publishing
Built in 1864, the unoccupied Taylorsville School is one of many historical buildings located throughout Plumas County. According to the Plumas County Museum, the one-room building is only 32 by 36 feet and at one point in time housed at least 40 students in grades one through eight...
Supported mainly by wooden columns and iron rods, the school was closed in 1949 due to the 1933 Field Act that required all public schools to be earthquake-resistant. The state of California designated the school as a “point of historical interest” in 1991, thanks to the efforts of community member Susan Wilson and other locals. In 2005, the museum was named the official steward of the schoolhouse, which is said to be “the oldest one-room brick schoolhouse on its original site in the state of California.” Museum staff hope that with community support, the schoolhouse can eventually be restored and preserved for years to come. For more information visit Photo by Samantha P. Hawthorne

 Marilyn Butcher has shared an 1889 photo of the school and classes on our Facebook Page found at

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