Bridge repairs dominate county road projects

Debra Moore
Staff Writer


The Plumas County Public Works Department plans to undertake $38.5 million worth of road and bridge projects through 2019.

Public Works Director Bob Perreault presented a list of projects during the Board of Supervisors’ meeting Feb. 4.

In addition to the county projects, state and federal projects are also planned totaling $36.7 million.

Perreault is optimistic about putting three to five projects out to bid later this year.

Three projects are planned in 2014: guardrail upgrades for A15 ($500,000); replacement of Snake Lake Road bridge over Spanish Creek ($2.3 million); and replacement of County Road 322A bridge over Bailey Creek ($2.4 million).

The estimates include total project costs. For example, the Bailey Creek bridge total breaks down as follows: design, $650,000; right of way, $10,000; and construction, $1.7 million.

Of the $38.5 million in county projects, Perreault said, “Just under $30 million in construction could help the local economy.”

Perreault unveiled 12 projects for 2015, including more bridge work and pavement rehabilitation. The projects are spread throughout the county.


Green waste disposal

Since Sierra Pacific Industries stopped accepting green waste in Quincy because of construction on a new large-log sawmill, county officials have searched for an alternative.

The mill accepted a staggering amount of green waste from commercial landscaping companies as well as the general public, and without that availability officials worry that it may result in increased dumping or burning.

The problem is most critical in Quincy, because residents in other areas have alternatives.

Perreault is writing a request for proposals that is more flexible than normal, soliciting specific proposals as well as generalized ideas pertaining to the future of the county’s green waste program.

Supervisors Lori Simpson and Jon Kennedy will serve on a committee to review the submittals.

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