Supervisors agree to pay library’s heating bill

Debra Moore
Staff Writer

First it was a camera and now Supervisor Sherrie Thrall is purchasing a computer to facilitate live-streaming of meetings.

Thrall wants the county’s other agencies and commissions to have the same ability the Board of Supervisors does to live-stream its meetings.

The county’s information technology director, Dave Preston, said that each entity would need its own computer and software to participate.

When Thrall learned that it would cost about $3,000, she offered her assistance.

“I’m willing to pay for that laptop,” Thrall said during the board’s March 18 meeting. “We are so behind he curve; this is ridiculous.”

Preston then said that each commission would also have to be trained.

“Got any more objections?” Supervisor Jon Kennedy asked Preston, and then joked that he would refer the objections to “the closer,” as he referred to Thrall.

Preston said he was also researching updating the boardroom’s audio system and the clerk-to-the-board’s computer.


On probation

Following a closed session discussion, the supervisors authorized the probation department to hire a supervising probation officer at the “E” step, rather than at an entry-level salary.

The matter was discussed in closed session to allow the supervisors to review the individual’s employment history and records.

The supervisors also passed an ordinance that changes how the chief probation officer is selected. Historically the superior court judge had made the appointment. County Counsel Craig Settlemire discussed the issue with the judges before writing the new ordinance. “The courts have no objections,” Settlemire said.

“This would solve the confusion,” Supervisor Thrall said, since though the courts hired the chief probation officer, the supervisors controlled the budget.

The courts will continue to have some input during the hiring process, though the supervisors will make the appointment.

Sharon Reinert, the county’s current chief probation officer, had been on extended leave, and recently announced her retirement. In her absence the county has had two temporary chief probation officers.


To pay for propane

The supervisors agreed to earmark $8,000 of the county’s contingency fund to pay for propane to heat the county’s libraries.

County Librarian Lynn Sheehy received an unexpected invoice for cataloging services and used money from the propane budget to pay the bill. Based on last year’s propane consumption, she thought she would have enough money left over to pay for the rest of the year, but she estimates that she will fall $8,000 short.

Facilities Manager Dony Sawchuk will survey which county departments are using propane and will seek a bulk discount for the county.


Promotion time

Due to retirements in the county road department, Public Works Director Bob Perreault asked for authorization to advertise two positions for promotion from within the county: a power equipment lead worker and a road maintenance supervisor.


Money for books

District Attorney David Hollister announced that superior court received a grant for $14,685 and has opted to award the entire amount toward educational and recovery materials for clients of the Plumas County Adult Substance Abuse Treatment Court.


Wanted: two vehicles

Louise Steenkamp, the county’s new director of Plumas County Alcohol and Other Drug Services has the funds to purchase two vehicles for her department and the supervisors gave her their approval.

Steenkamp said the vehicles are used by staff, and to transport clients to services.

Supervisor Lori Simpson said, “The public is concerned about extra vehicles,” and asked if there were any others within the county that could be used.

The department had been borrowing public health vehicles, but Steenkamp said it wasn’t a long-term solution.

Thrall said, “Since this is a brand new department and the funding is there and we have transportation needs,” she joined the others in approving the request.

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