Supervisors support two Assembly bills

Debra Moore
Staff Writer


The Plumas County Board of Supervisors’ meeting got off to a quiet start April 1, when not one person spoke during the public comment portion of the meeting — an unusual occurrence.

“Larry?” Board Chairman Jon Kennedy asked as he scanned the room, looking for veteran board observer Larry Douglas who regularly addresses the board during the opening public comment period.

Chalking it up to April Fools’ Day, Kennedy proceeded with the rest of the meeting.

In support of veterans

The supervisors signed a letter of support for Assembly Bill 1637, which would print the word “veteran” on California driver licenses or identification cards.

The purpose is to make it easier for veterans to receive their benefits. Often they must supply proof of military service to receive merchant discounts or other benefits, and it isn’t feasible, or prudent, to carry discharge papers or other documents with them.

Veterans, active duty military personnel and their families represent more than 10 percent of the county’s population.


Bring back the hounds

The board also wrote a letter to support AB 2205, which would allow counties to decide whether hounds may be used to hunt bears and bobcats.

The practice has been banned statewide since 2012 when the legislature passed Senate Bill 1221. This has made it difficult for residents in rural and semi-rural areas to eliminate dangerous confrontations with problematic wildlife.

“Using the dogs helps keep bears and bobcats away from communities,” Supervisor Terry Swofford said, and cited a recent example of a mountain lion killing a horse in Cromberg.


Board members appointed

Supervisors Sherrie Thrall and Terry Swofford will represent their fellow board members in the Regional Water Management Group to assist with updating the Upper Feather River Integrated Regional Water Management Plan.

The process is scheduled to begin in June, and the county currently has posted a request for proposals to assist in updating the plan.

In a related matter, Thrall asked County Counsel Craig Settlemire to draft a resolution “that makes it very clear that the county has withdrawn from CRM (Coordinated Resources Management) and put all of its efforts behind IWRMD (Integrated Water Regional Management District).”


New correctional officers

Sheriff Greg Hagwood received authorization to hire two correctional officers to fill vacancies.

The positions are already included and funded in the 2013-14 budget, but they have remained vacant due to recruitment issues.

The department has been assembling hiring lists and two candidates are nearing completion of the background check process.

“We are having success hiring local candidates,” Hagwood said. “We are putting in place qualified, local talent.”


Contract approved

The board approved a contract between the county’s Department of Agriculture, the Forest Service and the California Department of Food and Agriculture to stop the spread of noxious weeds in the county. The contract provides $40,000 for lands in Plumas and Sierra counties.


Shhh …

The supervisors revised a policy to govern the behavior of library visitors.

County Librarian Lynn Sheehy said she consulted other libraries before drafting the new policy, which secures employees’ rights to bounce patrons for bad behavior.

The policy prohibits such activities as eating, drinking, smoking or sleeping in the library, or solicitations of any type.

Individuals are prohibited from blocking library entrances or skateboarding or roller skating on library property.

There are a variety of other infractions that could cause someone to be asked to leave the premises, including speaking loudly or leaving an offensive odor.


Chief probation officer

The supervisors approved a new job description for the chief probation officer and authorized recruitment for the position.

This is a change from past practice when the superior court judge made the appointment.

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