Headlines we’d like to write in 2010

Sheriff Bergstrand does indeed retire

Special districts join LAFCo

Countywide lighting district formed at no extra cost to taxpayers

PDH doctors save vacationing billionaire’s life; grateful patient offers to pay for new hospital

General Plan update completed ahead of time and under budget

Feather River Inn re-opens for business

Downstream users to pay surcharge for Plumas water; county awash in money

Forest Service completes QLG program of work

Plumas Arts gets $1 million grant to rehab Town Hall Theatre

Plumas real estate market: Déjà vu 2005

Recession over! Plumas booms; unemployment less than 5 percent

Social services report record low demand for assistance

Food pantries say shelves are overflowing

Animal shelter empty; all pets well fed and safe; dogs well behaved and silent

Letters to Editor filled with intelligent commentary and good will

Sheriff’s Blotter on hiatus, no crime to report

Plumas-Eureka ski bowl re-opens

Plumas National Forest set to build hundreds of miles on new trails; tourism expected to increase

No forest fires reported in Plumas County

State stops stealing funds from cities, counties and special districts

Enrollment in Plumas schools increases

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