Business Scene for the week of 2/3/2010

Dr. Anderson offers quincy hours
    Chiropractor Chris Anderson is pleased to announce he will once again see patients in Quincy beginning in February. He will practice in the Sierra Valley Physical Therapy building across from DuPont Power Tools two days a month, beginning today, Feb. 3 and continuing on every other Wednesday. Appointments may be made by calling his Portola office at 832-4442.

First anniversary open houses
    There is an open house Friday, Feb. 5 beginning at 6:30 p.m. at Morning Thunder on Lawrence Street in Quincy. In celebration of her first year as owner, Renee Hall will have finger foods complemented by live music.

    Director John Banks and Administrator Patricia Miller are having an open house in celebration of their first year with Plumas Sierra Community Solutions, LLC. Refreshments and appetizers will be served from 11-1 p.m., Wednesday, Feb. 10 at their 2288 East Main St. East Quincy facility. Their services provide the court-mandated three, nine or 18-month classes for anybody convicted of a DUI offense. They also have locations and hold classes in Greenville, Chester and Portola.

Hygienistís anniversary noted
    Pat Ball, a registered dental hygienist and a UCSF Medical Center graduate, has just finished her first year working at the dental offices of Dr. Greg Sawyer in East Quincy. I can tell you first-hand that Patís many years of experience show in the way she gentlyóbut thoroughlyótends to her patientsí dental needs.

Back from a Chicago buying show
    Proprietor Sharon Henry, Lassen Gift Company, just returned from the ìBeckman Showî in Chicago featuring only handcrafted items, a first for her! Sharon said she was rewarded with an overwhelming selection of products. They will soon be available at her Chester store.

Quincy Mi Casita serves breakfast
    Owner Mario Marquez tells us he is once again serving breakfast Saturday and Sunday, beginning at 7 a.m. at his Quincy restaurant, Mi Casita. Just an added note: They serve dinner specials, like steaks and shrimp, along with their authentic Mexican dishes.

Local phone books getting out
    The 2010 edition of your locally-produced telephone book, the Plumas Lassen Connection, is hot off the presses and is now being delivered throughout Plumas, Lassen and eastern Sierra county. Should you need additional copies for your home or office, just drop by one of our local newspaper offices and help yourself. Hereís a heads-up for folks in the business and service sectors: Well trained sales reps from two other telephone directory companies are currently selling yellow page ads for their books in this area that publish early this summer. In light of the current economic challenges we are all facing, be smart. If, for whatever reason, you decide to buy an ad elsewhere, be clear on what you are buying, who youíre reaching and how it will be of added benefit to you. Since we are here with you throughout the year, if we can further assist you in any way, give one of my advertising sales consultants a call. We are always here to help you in any way we can!

Redesigned website unveiled
    Chris Nicholson is really excited about the new website for his business, Graeagle Lighting Company, especially with what he describes as its strong visual impact and dazzling display of lights that are featured for sale throughout his store. It is in a format, he said, that successfully displays products and gives customers a better idea of how it might look in their home. See for yourself at

All time highs for pizza chain

    Quincy franchise operators Rick and Eileen Greenly report that amidst one of the toughest years the restaurant industry has ever endured, Papa Murphyís International announced that its total system-wide sales grew seven percent in 2009 compared to the prior year. The take ën bake pizza pioneer ended the year with 1,185 locations, an increase of 83 stores.

Everything is different now
    Ran across this interesting perspective posted on Jan. 7, 2009, at tompeters.com that is certainly well worth sharing:

     Donít think of our current economic crisis as a recession. Instead, think of it as a recalibration.
    Everything is different now. The world I am working in today is different from any world I have ever done business in. The world has been reset.
    If you think of it as a recession, you may be temped to hunker down and wait for the economy to cycle back.
    If you think of it as a recalibration, you will be motivated to focus on what you have to do differently, since everything is different now.
    The way your business generates results is different now.
    Your customers think differently, too.
    Your customers care about different things, now.
    Your customers act differently, now.
    Your customers many actually be different people, now.
    Customers arenít disposable anymore; more than ever, you have to create sustainable customer relationships.
    Everything is different now.
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