We have a new citizen-generated e-mail address

Feather River Publishing

    It’s hard to keep up with the newest innovations in technology. The latest is the new smartphones that cannot only send and receive phone calls (an old-fashioned way of communicating, or so it seems), but also send text messages, e-mails and photos almost instantaneously to almost anyone in the world.
    These smartphones have opened a new door to the world of newsgathering, and while the news staff still believes in sending out reporters and working the beat angle, we are recognizing people can’t be everywhere at once.
    We need to rely on what is being coined the citizen journalist—the people who call us about breaking news or e-mail us news stories and photos. The news staff takes that information and checks the facts for accuracy. The editor decides if the story is legitimate and the staff goes from there to generate online news items and stories for the weekly editions.
    The biggest hurdle is getting those breaking news items when the office is closed—namely weeknights and weekends. The question has always been how to solve that issue without increasing manpower.
    Feather Publishing has implemented a new e-mail address
    If you see something happening, send us a quick note with the basic who, what, where, when, why and how to the new e-mail address along with a picture, if you have that capability. Send us your name and contact information. Without contact information, we won’t be able to follow up on the tip.
    Our goal is to get on the story as quickly as possible and get something up on our website alerting our readers of the news, if we determine it is accurate.
    The new e-mail and its logistics are in their infancy so bear with us. As with anything, it is only as good as the people who use it.
    Therefore, we ask our readers for information on traffic accidents that close roads, area fires, unique stories or events, and anything that is urgent.
    Remember the e-mail is Put it in your smartphone or address book on your computer.
    Of course, not everything submitted will be published.

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