Remember When for the week of 3/31/2010

Keri Tasborski
Feather Publishing Historian

80 YEARS AGO... 1930
Despite inclement weather conditions, Plumas County roads connecting Genesee Valley with Taylorsville and other Indian Valley towns are in good condition.


50 YEARS AGO... 1960


Advertisement: Easter dinner grocery items featured in this week's grocery advertising: Ham 69 cents per pound, yams 13 cents per pound, frozen fruit pies 39 cents each, eggs 43 cents a dozen, cherry pie filling 45 cents a can.

Advertisement: Quincy Hotel Dining Room Easter dinner menu: leg of lamb, smoked ham, pan fried caponette or prime rib with yorkshire pudding, $2.50.

30 YEARS AGO... 1980
Brent Webb. D.D.S. recently opened his dentistry office in Quincy. Originally from Oregon, he attended and graduated from Loma Linda in southern California.

Ground breaking ceremonies were held this week for the new Quincy Volunteer Fire Department two-bay station on Chandler Road. Ernie Leonhardt donated the land for this new station.

10 YEARS AGO... 2000
Advertisement: Easter dinner items featured in Plumas County grocery stores this week: strawberries $4.99 a flat, angel food cake $2.00, cranberry juice 99 cents, five pound canned ham $7.99, artichokes 33 cents each, asparagus $1.50 a pound, leg of lamb $2.89 a pound, ham $1.89 a pound, Easter lily plants $5.99.

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