Future plans may change the image of Greenville

Alicia Knadler
Indian Valley Editor

    Greenville will take on a whole new look if all of the improvement plans come to fruition. 

   Decorative streetlights, avenue trees, street corner bulb outs, special pavers and continuous sidewalks on both sides of Highway 89 through Greenville are just some of the proposed plans contained in a draft project report and draft environmental document that will be published about the first of July by Caltrans.

    Members of the Greenville Streetscape Committee and a few other residents attended an open house Thursday, June 10, hosted by Caltrans.   

Some of the trees being considered for near Mill Street and Hot Springs Road are native accent trees, including ponderosa pine for in front of or behind sidewalks, and western dogwood and black oaks.

    And for tree wells in the sidewalks, Washington hawthorn and the maidenhair tree, or Ginko biloba, are being considered.

    There are several alternatives in the project document, including aspects such as drainage improvements, a center turning lane near the high school, a bicycle lane through town, sidewalk improvements and improved street lighting.

    Alternatives two and three would bring the roadways and sidewalks into compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act, as well as address needed roadway profile corrections.

    Caltrans officials have attended several meetings with the Greenville Streetscape Committee, and many of their ideas are included in the project report and renderings of what Greenville may look like afterward.

    A copy of the draft project report and draft environmental study will be available in the Greenville Branch Library shortly after Thursday, July 1.

    Caltrans officials were unsure as of press time if members of the public would be able to access those documents online.

    For more information, or to make a comment before the draft copies are completed, those interested may call Caltrans District 2 Public Information Officer Denise Yergenson at 225-3260.

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