Plumas County Lakes tops for trout fishing

7/30/2010 - The Stockton Record, a daily newspaper with a circulation of 42,500 that covers the Stockton and San Joaquin areas, ran a piece in its July 21 edition highlighting the fishing at Lake Davis and Bucks Lake.

Outdoor columnist Peter Ottesen named Lake Davis as his top trout fishing location this summer, and he listed Bucks Lake as the next entry of his top 10.

The following is an excerpt from Ottesen's column, which highlighted 10 of California's premier fishing destinations:

"With a fading light and a slight breeze, the outlet of Freeman Creek was alive with rainbow trout, many in the 14- to 20-inch class. They voraciously struck olive green woolly buggers with sparkle that were being towed by fly fishers in float tubes.

"Sound like a scene from your favorite lake decades ago? Think, again.

"This was the scene last week at Lake Davis, formerly known as the "best mountain trout impoundment in California." At least, before it was taken over by exotic northern pike.

"Well, the pike have been eradicated, and the Department of Fish and Game, in an effort to return Lake Davis to its legendary form, has released a million trout - trophies, catchable-sized and fingerlings - to jump start the fishery and draw throngs of sport anglers back to Plumas County. The lake's rich aquatic food chain will take care of the rest.

"All totaled, these attributes make Lake Davis my No. 1 trout fishing spot this summer.

"What follows are my personal picks that round out the Top 10.

"Bucks Lake - Set 17 miles from Quincy, this lake boasts some amazing trout, including mackinaw to 20 pounds and brown to 16 pounds. There also is no end to catchable-sized rainbows and brookies, plus an up-and-coming kokanee fishery

"Set at just above 5,000 feet in Plumas National Forest, Bucks Lake is drop-dead pretty and offers wonderful campsites. In summer trollers and bank anglers have equal chances. Access is free."

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