Indian Valley Hospital reuse study is complete

Alicia Knadler
Indian Valley Editor

The reuse study for the old Indian Valley Hospital building has been completed and is ready for review.

Indian Valley Health Care District Chairman Guy McNett will make sure there is a copy for the public to view at the Greenville Branch Library.

The documents are available on a compact disk, and the library has computers for viewing.

There were two comment periods; the last one has been extended to June 30, 2011, to give at least one interested party extra time to formulate a comment.

While engineers found the building to be sound, they also found it needed major repairs and maintenance.

The electrical system is out of date, although the plan notes only minor repairs are needed if the building is not remodeled significantly. If it is, they note a significant cost will be incurred to upgrade the system to current code.

The plumbing, heating and cooling systems, on the other hand, need major repairs or replacement.

Engineers noted it would not be feasible to re-permit and use the geothermal system for its designed purpose of heating the building, unless the cost of electricity increases “significantly.”

Of all the uses explored, engineers noted the health and wellness center to be the most cost-effective option, due to minimal remodeling needs.

It was also the option shown to have the best potential to create more jobs in the near future.

The proposal for the wellness center was withdrawn, however, during the same meeting the plan was made available for the first time.

Meanwhile, in September directors decided to move ahead with plans to declare the hospital and business properties as surplus in preparation for a possible sale.

“Somehow this district has to generate a half to three-quarters of a million dollars to get us out of that chapter nine,” McNett said during the September meeting.

The district has been in bankruptcy since 2003.

The surplus declaration has not yet been formalized, although McNett might ask for a special meeting to do just that.

Barring a special meeting, the next meeting of the Indian Valley Health Care District will be Monday, Dec. 6, at 5:30 p.m. in the Indian Valley Civic Center, 430 Main St. in Greenville.


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