Remember When for the week of 2/16/2011

Keri Taborski
Feather Publishing Historian

75 YEARS AGO.......1936

The joint concert of the three Plumas County High School bands was postponed until March when road and weather conditions prove more favorable for travel.

50 YEARS AGO......1961

Seven candidates have filed for the three vacant Plumas Unified School District board positions up for election in May:  Mary Ellen Garrett, Henry Spencer and David Brock, all of Chester; Robert McArthur, Dr. Don Bleiberg, Denny Mansell and Bill Cullen, all of Quincy.

25 YEARS AGO.......1986

The Flood of 1986: Seemingly endless high wind, rain and flooding blocked highways, closed schools and businesses and knocked out electrical power throughout Plumas County. Some 17 inches of rain fell in five days.

10 YEARS AGO......2010

Plumas County Clerk-Recorder Judith Wells this week took delivery of a new Vitacheck system which will allow that office to provide quick access to vital statistic information from throughout the nation.


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