Remember When for the week of 6/15/2011

75 YEARS AGO...........1936

Practically the entire route between Quincy and Truckee via Sierraville and Hobart Mills is now an oiled road.


50 YEARS AGO ...........1961

More than 5900 persons---an all-time record and 800 more than last year---attended the annual Plumas County picnic last Sunday. Nancy Gambel of Quincy was introduced as this years Sweetheart of the Mountains. Theme girls are Kathy York of Greenville, Darlene Rogers of Chester, Sue Humphrey of Portola and Kathleen Saralegui of Sierra Valley.


25 YEARS AGO.............1986

Advertisement: Thanks Plumas County for your vote of confidence last Tuesday. Be assured we will do our best in operating Plumas County departments: Ila Diggs, clerk; Ernie Eaton, assessor; Dick MacKenzie, sheriff; Tom Buckwalter, district attorney; Floyd Warren, Plumas Unified School District superintendent; Ann Pattan, auditor and Barbara Cokor, treasurer.


10 YEARS AGO.............2010

Quincy Library Group called a ruling by United States District Judge Lawrence K. Karlton that may halt the implementation of the Quincy Library Group Forest Production Act "uninformed". A representative from the group was quoted as saying: "For too long the forest policy has been set by people in cities without firsthand knowledge of actual forest conditions."

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