Remember When for the week of 5/9/2012

Keri Taborski
Feather Publishing Historian

75 YEARS AGO.......1937

The Quincy Fire Department was called to Keddie when fire broke out Tuesday evening on the roof of the Keddie Hotel. Damage accounts for about $1,000. Manager of the resort, Mr. Rihm says he appreciates the efforts of the QFD and plans to deliver members a free dinner to the firehouse soon after repairs are made.

An overflow crowd was present at the grand opening of the Beckwith Hotel Saturday night under the new management of Victor Colombo. The Wright Sisters of Reno were featured in the floor show.

50 YEARS AGO.........1962

More than15 years ago Mr. and Mrs. Trigg Yonge took over the old miner's boarding house at the foot of Eureka Peak Park and converted in into the Johnsville Lodge, now a museum and headquarters for the Plumas Eureka State Park. Last year they created the Iron Door dining room in the old Johnsville Store and now they have remodeled the Pesseta House, converting it into a hotel.


25 YEARS AGO...........1987

Advertisement: Take out mother for Mother's Day... The Log Cabin in Portola featuring veal cordon bleu $10.95, crab stuffed chicken breast $10.95. Morning Thunder in Quincy-- prime rib $6.95. Sierra Valley Lodge--roast beef with fresh asparagus $7.95. Timber House in Chester--eggs benedict and champagne brunch $7.95, pork roast dinner $9.95.


10 YEARS AGO.........2002

It was 25 years ago today that Edgar and Carol Wilson and their daughter and son-in-law Centella and Ken Tucker took over what is now know as the Evergreen Market in Greenville. Previously the 4500 square foot market was known as Curriers or Zee Market.


Note: items included in the weekly Remember When column are taken from our bound newspaper archives and represent writing styles of that particular period. The spelling and grammar are not edited, so the copy is presented as it actually appeared in the original newspaper.


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