Tennis anyone?

Feather Publishing

The Graeagle Tennis Club is looking for new members to enjoy the newly refurbished courts at the corner of Highway 89 and Yonkalla in Graeagle.

Through the joint efforts of Community Services District, the Graeagle Land and Water Co. and Tennis Club members, resurfacing of the four courts was completed this spring.

Individual Tennis Club annual membership dues are $10. Club members meet every Friday in June at 9 a.m. for open play and once a month every second or third Saturday from June through October. After Saturday play, an evening potluck is hosted at the home of a club member.

The courts are open to the general public every day, with a $5 fee for adults and a $2.50 fee for high school age and younger. The fee is valid for the entire day and can be paid at the drop box located on the fence at the courts.

A $100 individual annual fee or $150 family fee, valid from the date of purchase, is also available at the Graeagle Land and Water Co. office in Graeagle.

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