Attorney general confirms deputy was justified in shooting

Dan McDonald
Staff Writer

The California State Attorney General’s Office said a Plumas County sheriff’s deputy was justified in shooting a Quincy man June 19.

Deputy Attorney General Barton Bowers’s Aug. 22 report said that Plumas County’s decision not to prosecute Deputy Tom Froggatt for shooting Dennis Majewski was the correct decision.

“The Plumas County District Attorney did not abuse its discretion in declining criminal prosecution,” Barton said in a letter to District Attorney David Hollister. “Indeed, given the facts established by comprehensive investigation, no other conclusion appears possible.”

Majewski died after being shot by Froggatt, who was responding to a disturbance at the Evergreen Trailer Park in Quincy.

Majewski, who was high on drugs and alcohol, threatened to go on a killing spree. He threatened Froggatt and other residents in the trailer park with a knife and hammer before Froggatt shot him in self-defense.

An extensive six-week investigation by the Plumas County District Attorney’s Office found that Froggatt “probably saved several lives” by shooting the rampaging Majewski.

“The overwhelming evidence shows Deputy Froggatt acted in self-defense and in defense of others,” Hollister said when the report was released.

Hollister said he was gratified by the attorney general’s report. “I requested this review in our continuing effort to seek a true and just conclusion to an exceptionally serious case in the most transparent way possible,” Hollister said.

“This result validates the exceptional work done in this investigation and allows me to consider this criminal investigation closed for all intents and purposes.”

The Plumas County Sheriff’s Office, which had the right to respond to or challenge any of the findings of the investigation, did not do so.

Sheriff Greg Hagwood said the investigation, which included evidence obtained from Majewski’s own surveillance cameras, speaks for itself.

“There was never any question in my mind about the way Deputy Froggatt handled the situation,” Hagwood said. “The findings by the district attorney and the attorney general just reaffirm the confidence that I have in him.”

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