Remember When for the week of 8/29/2012

Keri Taborski
Feather Plishing Historian

75 YEARS AGO............1937

Maintenance of the old Bucks Ranch Road between Oroville and Quincy was relinquished to Plumas County this week by the State Division of Highways. It had been made during construction of the Feather River Highway by the state, being officially classified as a detour route.

Effect of the newly opened Feather River Highway on traffic between Reno and Quincy is pronounced and increased, with volume going from ten vehicles per hour to 60 vehicles per hour.


50 YEARS AGO.............1962

Fire completely destroyed the headquarters property of Camp Layman with damage estimated at $20,000. Included in the damage was the office, store, residence building and garage. The fire was thought to have started in the clothes dryer in the linen room. For a while it was feared that the whole resort would go up in flames and spread into the forest. This is the second resort fire in the area within a week, with the Mohawk Tavern having been damaged by fire last Sunday.


25 YEARS AGO.........1987

The Tridentine Latin Rite Church of Plumas County and 46 of its members have asked Plumas County for a total of $185 million to compensate for alleged damages resulting from a raid on three church residences and the arrest of 14 of its members.

Some 36 lightening fires were sparked Sunday on the Plumas National Forest.


10 YEARS AGO.............2002

The Plumas County Board of Supervisors will split the $132,325 allotted amount equally between the four chambers of commerce in the county

United States postal officials have refused to change Plumas County’s Lake Almanor and Hamilton Branch resident’s zip code that places them in Lassen County and Westwood. The post office cites that their decision not to assign that area a new zip code is not financially feasible due to the cost of rerouting mail.


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