Wildfire 2013

Hough Complex now 586 acres

Feather Publishing
8/20/2013 - 8:00 p.m.
The Forest Service released the following update for the Hough Complex:

Fire Information: For further fire information, call 530-283-7850. Note: telephone number will change when telephones are installed at Fire Camp. Information is also available online at www.inciweb.org and on Twitter at Central Coast IMT7.

Status: Resources:

Acres Burned: 586

Crews: 7

Cause: Lightning

Engines: 24

Date Started: August 18, 2013

Helicopters: 1

Containment: 40%

Air Tankers: 0

Expected Containment: Aug. 24, 2013

Total Resources Assigned: 248

Current Fire Situation: The Ridge grew in size to 275 acres and is still at 0% containment. The Heights Fire is at 162 acres and is 30% contained. The Johnson, remains at 140 acres with 95% containment. The Hunt stayed at 11 acres and is still at 50% containment. The Keddie, at 18 acres, the Mountain and the Ruby at 1 acre each are 100% contained. The 32, Cooks and Bagley, all three under an acre are also 100% contained. Two new fires materialized today, the Evans at 2 acres and the Peak, currently acreage is unknown. Crews are gaining access to these new starts.

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Hough Complex update

Feather Publishing
8/20/2013 - 7:00 p.m.

The Forest Service has not released any new updates on the Hough Complex fires, but radio traffic throughout the day indicates that fire behavior was light to moderate allowing fire fighters to make good progress on existing fires and a couple new starts that were found within the complex.  There was no lightning activity over the fire. 

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Mandatory evacuation lifted

Feather Publishing
8/20/2013 - 6:30 p.m.

The Forest Service has announced that the mandatory evacuation order has been downgraded to a voluntary evacuation order. 

Air quality advisory issued


Counties of Nevada, Plumas and Sierra

August 20 - 27, 2013

The Northern Sierra Air Quality Management District is issuing an air quality health advisory for people in Plumas, Sierra and Nevada County due to smoke from the American Fire in Placer County and the Hough Complex - Plumas Lightning fires in Plumas County. As of August 20 the American Fire is at 15,000 acres and 54% containment. That means we’ll probably be impacted by smoke from that fire for some time to come, at least throughout the upcoming week, maybe longer. The Hough Complex is comprised of 18 small fires totaling at least 180 acres in the area around the Indian Valley (Greenville, Taylorsville, Crescent Mills) and the current containment is at 40%.

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Hough Complex morning update 8-20-13

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The Plumas National Forest has released the following update on the Hough Complex.  We have requested clarification on two items that may be in error.  The cause is listed as "Under Investigation" which suggests they believe one or more of the fires are human caused and being investigated.  The other item we have asked for clarification on is the acreage.  It is listed as 181 acres but may be much larger.



Hough Complex Update


Plumas National Forest


Fire Information: For further fire information, call 530-283-7850. Information is also available online at www.inciweb.org.

Date:   August 20, 2013


Status:                                                                     Resources:

Acres Burned: 181                                                             Crews: 7

Cause: Under Investigation                                                   Engines: 37

Date Started: August 18, 2013                                              Helicopters: 1

Containment: 40%                                                               Air Tankers: 0          

Expected Containment: Aug. 24, 2013                                Total Resources Assigned: 305

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