Fishing Report for the week of 7/18/2012

Michael Condon
Staff Writer

Sometimes its all about the company you keep

“There is no use in your walking five miles to fish when you can depend on being just as unsuccessful near home.”

—Mark Twain

I had to have my boat motor repaired recently. It was a minor repair, but during boating season even minor repairs can take several weeks.

I was anxious to get the boat back in the water and catch some fish so I decided to hit Bucks Lake a few mornings ago.

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Adult softball leagues going strong

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The Central Plumas Recreation and Park District’s adult softball is down to just a couple of weeks left in the season. In the men’s league, the Regulators, Hot Spots and JABC all have three losses in a tie for first place. Circle Diamond is just behind them with four losses, and Mountain Royals are sitting in fifth.

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Golf Results for the week of 7/18/2012

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Whitehawk Ranch Ladies Golf Club

On Monday evening, July 9, the Whitehawk Ranch Ladies Golf Club had a Mexican-themed cocktail “Pairings Party” for the Member-Member Tournament to be held Tuesday, July 10. Member Marcia Zeigler graciously hosted this fun event on her beautiful deck overlooking the golf course — thank you, Marcia!

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California Outdoors for the week of 7/18/2012

Catching, selling snakes

Question: My 11-year-old son is interested in catching snakes to make some money for the summer. Are there any requirements? I am wondering about the regulations, permits and licenses needed to catch or sell wild snakes in California. I have read and believe I understand all of the regulations pertaining to this but I want to be sure.

Please verify: I must have a standard resident fishing license and can catch them by hand or with a snake hook, snake tongs or a lizard noose. I am allowed four gopher snakes (Pituophis melanoleucus) and four common king snakes (Lampropeltis getula). In most other cases, I am permitted to catch and possess two snakes of other species unless otherwise posted.

I understand that I can catch these at any time, day or night, and at any time of year. I also understand that I can kill rattlesnakes at any time of year, with or without a license, in any manner.

I also understand that if I purchase a Native Reptile Captive Propagation Permit I would be authorized to, for commercial purposes or non-commercial purposes, sell, possess, transport, import, export or propagate native reptiles.

If my son or I caught a gopher snake by hand in a national forest, could I legally hold it for three days in a home terrarium and then sell it to a pet store? Is there anything wrong with this? Are there other permits or licenses not mentioned but that I am responsible for?

Where can I find the details and what all is entailed in purchasing a Native Reptile Captive Propagation Permit? How do I know I am obeying all the rules?


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Silver Buckle Rodeo

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A saddle bronc rider lands face first in the dirt during the 63rd annual Silver Buckle Rodeo at the Taylorsville Rodeo Grounds. The Indian Valley Riding and Roping Club hosts the popular event each year on the Fourth of July holiday. Photos by Shannon Morrow


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