Local lakes provide important grebe habitat

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By this point in mid-summer, western and Clark’s grebes have been on our Plumas County lakes for a few months. These large water birds have distinctive red eyes and are quite common in our region. Their raspy calls travel across the water with ease and can be heard from a great distance. They nest on lakes and swamps that support healthy fish populations from here all the way out to Minnesota and from Mexico up into Canada. The grebes in our region are important, however, because about 30 percent of the nesting colonies occur in Northern California.

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California Outdoors for the week of 8/10/2011

Small pet safety

Question: I have two small dogs and two cats and we are thinking about moving to the Sierra foothills. I understand we need to protect our pets from coyotes and mountain lions. I have researched your website (Keep Me Wild) and the Internet and received many suggestions, but I have some questions for which I have not found answers. Assuming I follow all suggestions (leave no food/water out at night, cut down brush, provide no shelter, etc.):

—Are there any fences or other types of barriers that will protect my unattended pets completely at any hour, especially dawn, dusk and night?

—If not, will the pets be safe unattended in a well-fenced yard during the day?

—Can cats ever go outside, if the area is fenced in?

Thanks for any help.

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Fishing Report for the week of 8/3/2011

“Fishermen are born honest, but they get over it.” —Ed Zern

Michael Condon


Lake Davis

Trollers have been doing well at Davis lately. Guides Larry Goldsmith and Ed Dillard report that the Needlefish is the hot lure for trolling.

Bank and fly-fishing have slowed some but there are still fish being caught. Congratulations to Jason Rachal who was bank fishing just north of the buoys at the dam where he landed a 23-inch trout weighing 4 pounds, 8 ounces.


Lake Almanor

Lake Almanor is settling into a normal summer pattern. The only difference is that there is not a well-defined thermocline due to the abundant cold runoff this summer.

The fish remain scattered through the water column. They are shallow very early in the morning but will mover deeper, anywhere from 20 to 40 feet, once the sun is on the water. This means that downriggers or lead core line are essential for trolling.

I talked to local fishing guide Mark Jimenez (596-3072) recently. Mark grew up fishing Lake Almanor and has over 40 years of experience on the lake.

Mark shared a tip I had not considered before.

Most anglers know how important oxygen is for fish. Trout will move to find oxygenated water. Their activity levels (including feeding) decline in water with less than optimum amounts of oxygen.

Mark has observed that feeding seems to slow down after consecutive days with little or no wind on the lake.

This makes sense since wave action is one way that oxygen gets incorporated into the water.

This may also explain why the east lobe of Lake Almanor, the windier side, often has better fishing than the west lobe.


Stream fishing

Conditions continue to improve on all of our local streams as the snowmelt is finally decreasing.

Reduced stream flows are making the fishing easier and higher temperatures are bringing increased insect hatches. Stoneflies, mayflies and caddis flies are now abundant on all local streams.

Unfortunately, good insect hatches are not the only thing to be found on our local streams.

Guide Jay Clark (414-1655) was fishing with some clients on the Middle Fork of the Feather River near Two Rivers when he found a mess left on the river bank by some partiers. Jay packed out two bags of garbage. But he came back a couple weeks later and again found the aftermath of another party on the river bank.

I hope local law enforcement has the opportunity to crash this little party. Maybe a littering citation with a hefty fine will help these folks reconsider their outdoor ethics.


Trout plants

Hamilton Branch and the North Fork of the Feather River, both upstream from Lake Almanor, received trout plants from California Department of Fish and Game this past week.



Golf Report for the week of 8/3/2011

LACC Women’s Golf Club

The Dice Game was played on July 26. Each player on the four-member teams was assigned a number one through four. As the holes were completed, the die was rolled to determine which person’s score would count for that hole. Added to that score was the lowest score of the other players for a total team score.

In first place with a 133 was the team of Kathy Chuchel, Amanda Hosman, Evelyn Rodriguez, and Jessie King (blind draw).

There was a two-way tie for second place. The team of Mary Craig, Claudine Gurney, Joyce Gronroos (guest), and Joan Johnson scored 135. The team of Kathy Fuller, Janet Hancock, Peggy Lentz, and Janice Vortmann also scored 135.

Genny Davis had the only chip-in on hole #5. Congratulations ladies!

Mt. Huff Wednesday Morning Scramble

A beautiful morning with a nice breeze and a great turnout for the Wednesday Morning Scramble at Mt. Huff Golf Course.

The Wednesday, July 27, first place team members were: Jay Merrilees, Jim Bryant, John Hackett, and Jerry Hobbs.

In second place was the team of Ralph Cote, Don Shefield, and Leo Sorensinski.

Closest to the pin was won by David Smuts. There was no chip-in contest.

Whitehawk Ranch Ladies Golf Club

Tuesday, July 26, was a beautiful day to play golf. The game that day was Modified Stapleford – team points. The team of Jill Zumwalt, Cynthia Faulk, Arline Simpson and Marcia Zeigler came in first with a team score of 151. Second place went to Pam Cummings, Toni Dick, Patsy Purvis and Patty McNammara with a total of 144.


Plumas Pines Women’s Club

Plumas Pines Women’s Club have completed, as of July 26, the third round of Captain’s Cup. Each winner will move into the final Captain’s Cup in September for the playoff. Should be an exciting final, all are looking forward to the finish.

The winner of this month’s Captain’s Cup is: Low Gross-Janet Holladay; Low Net- Lorraine Cornish.

We had “follow-the-field” in two flights:

First flight: Low Gross – Renee Walker; Low Net – Nancy Bartlett; Low Putts – Mary Stonebraker

Second flight: Low Gross – Scooter Kidwell; Low Net – Beverly Donato; Low Putts – Diane Trainor

Congratulations to the winners!

That’s it for now... our “Around Plumas Pines in 18 Holes” Tournament begins Monday, Aug. 1.


Lake Almanor West Women's Golf Club

July 28th

Today was a hot day to play golf, but we had 15 members out there on the course. Today's game was 2 Best Balls.

The first place team was Judy Cooper, Sharon Auge, Julie Azevedo and Pat Fricke with a score of 122.

The second place team was Linda Kluge, Betty Duncan, Adrienne Fagalde and Karen Nelson with a score of 127 .

Julie Azevedo won the pot today with a birdie on #12. And Kathi Shennan had the only chip-in also on #12.

A big welcome back to the links to Betty Duncan, who just got over knee surgery.


Graeagle Meadows Women's Golf Club

This week the Graeagle Meadows Women's Golf Club played another round in their Ace of Aces competition. The winner over the field for low gross score was Janie Grosman with Jay Fisher winning for low net. In the first flight Priscilla Piper won for low gross and Bev Reynolds won for low net. Taking second place low net was was Kathy Sipel with Barbara Crist coming in third.

Dee Walker had the low gross score in the second flight with Lorraine Cornish getting low net. Giuliana Glazer took second place with Renee Miller coming in third. In the third flight, Jay Fisher had the low gross score. There was a tie for low net between Gail Arterburn and Pat Grew. Second place low net was won by Esther Rimbault.

Kathy Sipel, Gail Nelson, Debbie Peterson, Ellen Fearing, Giuliana Glazer, Pat Grew and Annie Fischer had chip-ins.

Mt Huff

Thursday Night Scramble

The Thursday night scramble of the July 28 was another whopping success, we fielded seven full teams, four of our regulars were at Poppy Hills playing a northern California Championship.

The team of Bob Clark, Steve Ross, David Smuts and Joe Pogue came in first and after a chip-off between Greg Stevens and Jeff Stevens, the Jeff Stevens, Auston Linford, Leaf Van Pelt and Gary Metzdorf  team took second place.

Joe Pogue won closest to the pin and Greg Stevens had the longest drive.

Next week we will be serving spaghetti with the scramble and all are invited.


To have your golf club included in the weekly results, email the information to sports@plumasnews.com or fax it to 283-3952 by Friday at 3 p.m.


California Outdoors for the week of 8/3/2011

Paper license vs. scanned copy on smartphone?

Question: If I scan my fishing license and save it as a .pdf file on my smartphone, can I then just show my license saved on my phone to any game warden who asks to see my license?

—Dave B.

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