The memorable races

Larry F. Douglas
American Valley Speedway

The Saturday Night Races July 30 were memorable for Quincy fans. They were dedicated to the memory of Quincy firefighter Dale Lancaster. Some Quincy drivers made the evening a night to remember.

Cameron Diaz, Quincy High School quarterback, discovered he was talented in another sport. He won the Pure Mini main event in Ashley Neiman’s car. It was the first time that he had driven the car. After his victory lap he did a victory back flip. Quincy’s Chris Neiman, in his heat race, was victorious over the main event winner Richard Papenhausen. In the main event Chris did another exciting flip, only Truckee’s Russell Rosario piled on top of him. Quincy’s Chase Neiman is setting a record for blown engines as he blew up the engine in his sister’s Pure Mini. He is burning bucks like a forest fire.

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Fishing Report for the week of 7/27/2011

Friends Darrell, from Turlock, and Rob, from Richmond, Va., fished with guide Doug Neal of Almanor Fishing Adventures last week. Part of their catch was this beautiful 28-inch brown that weighed in at a bit over 13 pounds. Photo by Doug Neal
Michael Condon
Staff Writer

“It has always been my private conviction that any man who pits his intelligence against a fish and loses has it coming.” —John Steinbeck

Lake Almanor

July has been pleasantly, if not unseasonably, cool. Water surface temperatures have dropped to 67 degrees.

Water clarity is great at about 13.5 feet. Insect hatches continue and the pond smelt are everywhere.

These are ideal conditions for the fish. But they are a bit challenging for the angler.

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Plenty of outdoor events

Delaine Fragnoli
Managing Editor

The Yahi Group of the Sierra Club, out of Chico, plans a backpack outing Saturday and Sunday, Aug. 27 – 28, to Horseshoe Lake in Lassen Volcanic National Park. The trip begins at the north end of Juniper Lake and travels west for a mile or two with a 700-foot elevation gain and loss, then levels out with some easy cross-country travel. The group will set camp at Horseshoe Lake, where great swimming is an option.

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Golf report for the week of 7/27/011

Lake Almanor West Women’s Golf Club

Our game July 21 was “Best Nine.” We had 13 members participating in three flights.

The winners of the first flight were: first place, Barbara Rolland with a net 33; second place, Carol Regimbal with a net 36.

The second flight winners were: first place, Karen Nelson with a net 36; second place, Shirley Friedrichs with a net 36.5.

The third flight winners were: first place, Judy Cooper with a net 38; second place, Pat Fricke with a net 38.5.

The scores were really close, and fun was had by all.

We also had two birdies on the same hole, No. 6, by Pat Fricke and Julie Azevedo.


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California Outdoors for the week of 7/27/2011

Why do fawns havegrowths on their necks and chins?

Question: Many of the fawns I am currently seeing here in Santa Barbara County appear to have growths or swelling on their necks or chin about the size of a baseball. I’ve seen this over the last several years. What’s up?

—Larry F.


Answer: According to DFG Veterinarian Dr. Ben Gonzales, deer can have multiple lumps due to cutaneous tumors (aka papillomatosis or fibromas) which are thought to be induced by viruses.

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