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Can a disabled war veteran hunt with a canine companion?

Q: I’m a 100 percent disabled war veteran and have a canine companion dog (yellow Lab) that goes with me everywhere as my hearing dog. I lost most of my hearing in the war from enemy fire. Is it legal to take a companion dog turkey or deer hunting? Can my dog go turkey hunting on a leash, not as a hunting dog but as a hearing dog? My dog has never been trained to hunt and he won’t be part of that life. He wouldn’t be chasing game but because he is my second set of ears, can he be used for hearing?

—Larry L.

A: Yes, you can use your dog in the situations described. Generally, there’s no prohibition against using dogs (having them with you) while bird hunting, but there is a one dog per hunter limit during general deer season. No dogs are allowed during archery deer season or while hunting with an archery-only tag (California Code of Regulations, section 265).

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Portola baseball advances in playoffs

Shannon Morrow
Harley Sears watches a high pitch go by. Sears registered three hits and three RBIs in Portola’s playoff win last Friday.
Sports Editor

The Portola High School baseball team, seeded fourth in the Division IV playoffs, eliminated fifth-seeded Biggs 15-0 in five innings last Friday, May 13.

“The boys have worked hard,” said Portola coach Tim Brubaker. “It’s been an interesting year with ups and downs, but the boys’ focus was really good. In playoff baseball, that’s what it takes.”

Pitcher Clinton Morris earned the win for the Portola Tigers, allowing just two hits over five innings and claiming the shutout.

“He battles hard,” said Brubaker. “I was really happy for him.”

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Fishing Report; Lake Fishing keeps getting better

Michael Condon
Staff Writer


Lake Almanor

Lake Almanor is fishing very well. The spring bite is on!

Warmer waters have triggered abundant insect hatches and, along with spawning pond smelt, have hungry trout and salmon moving into shallow waters to feed.

Doug Neal of Almanor Fishing Adventures has had excellent results trolling red and gold Speedy Shiners and florescent Rainbow Runners with a generous application of scents.

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Golf Report for the week of 5/18/2011

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Graeagle Meadows Women’s Golf Club

Following the general meeting, the members of the Graeagle Women’s Golf Club teed off at a 10 a.m. shotgun start on their second game of the season. The game of the day on this brisk sunny morning was “putts.” The winner in the first flight was Kathy Siple with 26 putts. Debbie Peterson came in second with 28 putts. Cathy Churchill took third place with 30 putts.

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Is a duck still a duck once it becomes sausage?

Q: My question is about possession of waterfowl when processed. A friend shot more than 250 ducks in the just-completed waterfowl season, so I asked him if he was breaking the law by having more then 14 ducks in possession. He said no because he had them regularly processed into duck sausage, and once processed they’re considered out of your possession. Is this correct? Another friend saves all his ducks throughout the 100-day duck season and then gives them all to a butcher to process into sausage. He contends if you process the meat through a meat grinder, then it’s not considered part of the possession limit anymore because it’s now processed.

If you smoke your ducks or process them through a meat grinder and put them in your freezer, are they then out of your possession? A clarification of the “in possession” rule would be greatly appreciated.

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