Salmon season off to a great start

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For recreational fishing enthusiasts, springtime is in the air – and this year, in the water as well. Saturday, April 2, marked the opening day for salmon fishing in ocean waters off most of California, and for the first time in many years, the forecast suggests anglers may have many a tight line to look forward to.

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Abalone diving with spare air for safety?

Question: While abalone diving, I would like to keep a very small, emergency supply of air on my person as a safety precaution. The device would be shrink-wrapped to indicate evidence of use. The idea being that if the seal is intact, there would be no evidence of “use” and I would be in compliance with the law. The product I’m asking about can be seen at spareairxtreme.com.

Would I be in violation of any of the regulations if I were to wear such a device while taking abalone, assuming I did not use the device and had sufficient evidence to prove such a claim?

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One last game

3/31/2011 - Four basketball players from Plumas County competed in the 16th annual Northern Section All-Star basketball game at Pleasant Valley High School in Chico last Sunday, March 27.

Korey Cline of Quincy played for the South in the girls’ game, while Chad Durkin and Cole Fanning of Chester and Mario Rodriguez of Portola played for the South in the boys’ contest.

The event featured the top 24 senior boys and 24 senior girls from the northern section, with 12 players per team. The girls’ game began at 4 p.m., with the boys’ game following at 6 p.m.

Both games were high scoring and close, making for exciting matches. The South won the girls’ game 67-64, while the North won the boys’ game 99-97.

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Barbless lures and limits

Question: If I fish for trout using a barbless lure and catch five during the day but release them all, is that still considered my limit for the day?

Answer: Fish caught and immediately released do not count toward your daily bag limit unless the fish dies or is not released in a viable condition.

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Longboards celebrates 150 years!

Shannon Morrow
Rachael Weigle muscles her way through deep snow near the finish line.

With an abundance of new snow from last weekend’s storm, the March 20 longboard races were a memorable celebration of 150 years of ski racing, which originated in Plumas County.

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