History shows term limits are a bad idea

Stah Statham
Former state legislator

In 1994, I sought a promotion that I didn’t want.

I had been in the Legislature for 18 years, representing Lassen, Plumas and other counties in the far north of California. I loved serving in the Assembly. I didn’t do anything wrong! I didn’t even come close to committing a felony, unless putting about 90 good laws on the books was wrong.

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Gee, what a surprise

Mona HillSchoolClz
Staff Writer


I have had the dubious privilege of watching school superintendent Glenn Harris operate for the last several years, not just as a reporter, but also as a parent, grandmother and representative of Plumas Charter School. The current situation comes as no surprise to me, he has been telegraphing his moves since late 2009.

Plumas Unified School District has real problems based on declining enrollment and a statewide budget crisis.

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My Turn: Folks are (pre)occupied with school closures

SchoolClzAlicia Knadler
Indian Valley Editor


While Plumas County residents and school district administrators have joined in battle, one parent brings stark examples from the hills of West Virginia, where school closures were initiated on a wide scale.

A member of the Indian Valley School Closure and Consolidation Committee, her task was to research similar situations and their outcomes.

The summary she shares is a grim one, with echoes of similarity that seem to stretch across the continent and the mists of time.

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Superintendent can't serve two masters

SchoolClzFeather Publishing


Members of the Plumas Charter School board and administration were understandably surprised in December when they received a Notice to Remedy outlining “issues of concern” from Glenn Harris, superintendent of the Plumas County Office of Education and Plumas Unified School District. They were surprised because Harris is technically a member of their board.

As such, didn’t Harris have an obligation to say something, rather than spring a notice on the school? Yes, say attorneys we have spoken to. Harris has a “major conflict of loyalty” said one. According to PCS’s charter, the superintendent or his designee must serve on the board. Because of the inherent conflict, most districts designate a lower-level administrator to serve on the charter school boards they oversee, explained an attorney who specializes in charter schools.

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The reality of no TV

Dan McDonald
Staff Writer

I didn’t watch the Super Bowl.


I’m probably the only guy in the Nielson rating’s middle-aged-man demographic who missed it.

In fact, I haven’t watched a live sporting event on TV since I moved here in March of last year.

And it’s been a little agonizing for a life-long television junkie like myself.

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