2012: Off-base or on-target?

Mona Hill
Staff Writer


There’s been a steadily building crescendo for 2012 doomsday prophesies. It seems the end of the world, civilization or the human race — depending on who you listen to — is supposed to occur in a little less than a year: Dec. 21, 2012, the winter solstice.

A 2008 History Channel delved into the coming end of the world. Combining a mishmash of astronomy, the Mayan calendar and Nostradamus’ prophecies from “The Lost Book of Nostradamus,” the History Channel uses an earnest voiceover, talking heads and somber music to predict the end of life as we know it.

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Curbside trash and recycling is inevitable. Why the delay?

Alicia Knadler
Indian Valley Editor

The last My Turn column of the year should be profound, shouldn’t it?

One year I wrote about how I avoided resolutions. Does anybody really enjoy all those well-meaning thoughts so many writers want to share? It’s enough to make one gag, really.

My best column this year was the one that resulted in a good lambasting by a reader the next week in the Letters to the Editor. I just loved getting a written reaction from someone, for a change.

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Reporter sounds off for music education

Jason Theobald
Staff Writer


As I sat down to write my first opinion piece I was admittedly stumped on what to write about. Today’s political turmoil certainly would provide ample fodder for a tirade or two, but as I attended Chester High School’s winter concert I found a near and dear subject with which to climb upon my soapbox.

With minimal effort anyone can search the Internet for studies and statistics showing the benefits of exposure to music instruction while in elementary, middle and high school. These studies show a high correlation between academic achievement and music education, but there are things that statistics don’t explain quite as well.

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An open letter from Govenor Jerry Brown

An open letter to the people of California
Govenor Jerry Brown


When I became governor again — 28 years after my last term ended in 1983 — California was facing a $26.6 billion budget deficit. It was the result of years of failing to match spending with tax revenues as budget gimmicks instead of honest budgeting became the norm.

In January, I proposed a budget that combined deep cuts with a temporary extension of some existing taxes. It was a balanced approach that would have finally closed our budget gap.

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GTO: Give Thanks for Occupy

Feather Publishing

We are told, and have come to accept, that the Occupy movement lacks focus, direction and purpose. How can a group be successful without a linear plan and a list of demands? How does camping in a park solve the world’s problems? Onlookers often say that in the last two months, Occupy has yet to accomplish anything. After Thanksgiving, however, I want to offer seven reasons to give thanks for the Occupy movement.

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