On blood and altruism

 Laura Beaton
Staff Writer

  Have you ever been plugging along in life, footloose and fancy free, embarking on adventures just because you can, then going home at night, wondering what it’s all about?

  It was one of those evenings when I first decided to donate blood. I was living in Santa Barbara and happened to see a notice for a blood drive so I went in to donate.

  Once you’re in the system, there’s no escape. They’ve got your number: all of them. Every time you donate, they update your vital information to keep tabs for the next time they want to suck your blood.

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County deserves credit for balanced budget

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  What would Plumas County look like without a fair, a library or a museum? Would we still want to live here?

  Thankfully, we won’t have to face that question – at least until next year.

  The prospect of losing those events and services was very real until last week. All of them were under the county budget microscope as the Board of Supervisors tried to find the final $150,000 of savings to balance the fiscal 2012-13 budget.

  Thanks to a last-minute discovery of about $150,000 in previously unaccounted-for revenue from the municipal courts, the budget was balanced.

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Lodging providers have power to control tax increase

Feather Publishing

  Crusty old Chester Cromberg was in his usual spot, crouched on the bank of the Middle Fork swishing muddy gravel in his rusted gold pan.

  “Howdy Mac!” barked the grimy weekend prospector as he spit the remains of a hand-rolled butt into the river.

  “How the hell are ya, Chet? Still searching for the Mother Lode, I see.”

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We need to keep fighting against illegal fire tax

Feather Publishing

In the next few weeks, 10,991 Plumas County residents will find a $150 bill in the mail from the state. The bill is actually an illegal tax to help pay for wildfire protection.

Legislators, citizens and taxpayers associations are speaking out against the illegal tax that will affect about 825,000 state residents. The fire prevention tax is meant to generate more than $85 million in revenue for the state to help pay for fire-prevention in State Areas of Responsibility (SRAs).

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We will never forget the Sept. 11 attacks

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President Franklin D. Roosevelt called Dec. 7, 1941 “a date which will live in infamy” after the surprise Japanese attack on the U.S. fleet at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Most Americans are too young to remember that early Sunday morning raid 71 years ago that killed 2,225 servicemen and wounded 1,143 more, sank or damaged all eight American battleships in the harbor and thrust our country into the fray of World War II.

While the attack on Pearl Harbor may be a distant memory conveyed through old black and white news footage, most Americans are young enough to remember the horror wreaked by 15 terrorists armed with box cutters who hijacked three commercial jetliners full of civilians and flew them into the World Trade Center buildings in New York City, and the Pentagon in Arlington, Va. Tuesday, Sept. 11, 2001.

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