Board sure to take heat for safety cuts

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This move caught everyone by surprise.

Sometimes criticized for being indecisive and waffling on major issues, the Plumas County Board of Supervisors delivered a strong message last week: There are no sacred cows when it comes to the county budget.

The board sent the message in the form of a politically risky decision to cut $800,000 from the county’s general-fund contribution to the sheriff and probation departments for the fiscal 2012-13 budget.

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Thank you, firefighters

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Northeastern California is in flames, and for many Lassen and Plumas, Tehama, Shasta and Modoc county residents, ranchers, farmers, homeowners and landowners, a group of brave and dedicated firefighters is the only defense standing between them and a heart-wrenching and devastating wall of fire.

These teams of firefighters — from the men and women on the blackened ground with hand tools to the fire engine and water tender drivers to the heavy equipment operators to the management teams that direct the fire-fighting efforts to the folks who manage the communications — come from our own local fire districts, from state and federal agencies and from fire departments all across the United States.

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Intruder is lucky to be alive

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“I’m in the wrong house!”

That’s what the intruder was pleading as my wife stood a few feet away with a shotgun aimed at his gut.

My heart was still racing as I took a deep breath and tried to respond to the understatement of a lifetime.

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Cool heads needed for hot topics

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As the county struggles to somehow close a nearly $1.9 million-gap in the county’s fiscal 2012 – 13 budget, it seems clear that more employee concessions are going to be needed.

We’re sure the county workforce feels the way many private employees do, as this recession drags on (no, we don’t buy the “expert” opinion that it’s over): they’re being asked to do more with fewer resources for less pay and fewer benefits.

We’re equally sure county supervisors are up against a wall. They have few places left to cut other than employee pay and benefits. As interim budget officer Susan Scarlett has said, “Personnel is the bulk of the expenditures. Payroll is always a huge part (of the county budget).”

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Officer involved shooting justified

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Few events are as serious as an officer-involved shooting. Law enforcement personnel are supposed to protect us, the public. When they harm us instead, a full accounting is in order. For the officer, a shooting, particularly a fatal shooting, can be career threatening. For these reasons, there are special protocols for handling such incidents.

So it is reassuring to see how Plumas County’s law enforcement community has approached the fatal shooting in June of a Quincy man, Dennis Jason Majewski, by Plumas County Sheriff’s Deputy Tom Froggatt.

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