Positive opportunities for hospital collaboration abound

Tom Hayes
Chief Executive Officer, Eastern Plumas Health Care

Why in the world would hospitals want to collaborate? Maybe to reduce costs, save money, improve services offered to the community, improve quality, better serve the residents of our county, survive ongoing and inevitable cuts to our reimbursement — all of the above, and much more.

I was mystified by Doug Lafferty’s comment in last week’s article entitled, “Hospital CAOs see ‘collaboration’ differently.” He is quoted as saying, “I don’t want to talk collaboration until we know what we need to collaborate on.” I am not sure what we are waiting for. I don’t need a community needs assessment to identify very real opportunities and specific items of collaboration. And, collaboration or cooperation doesn’t mean consolidation. It means working together to enhance the strength of each hospital so that we can continue to provide needed health care to our respective communities.

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Lone wolf returns to Plumas County

Feather Publishing

OR7, the lone grey wolf that wandered from Oregon into California last December, re-entered Plumas County Thursday, July 12, according to the California Department of Fish and Game.

The wide-ranging male wolf was in Lassen County June 22, moved into Plumas County June 25, and continued to move back and forth between the two counties.

Technical difficulties caused officials to lose track of him for several days. His collar was working, but the website used to collect the information was down.

According to the agency’s tracking, OR7 had entered Butte County from Plumas County by July 2.

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Reform should be on the candidates’ agenda

Lee Hamilton
Director, Center on Congress at Indiana University

As the presidential candidates go at it over the next several months, we’ll be hearing a lot about what the federal government ought to be doing. Unfortunately, we’ll likely hear next to nothing about how it should go about it. The need to reform how the federal government operates ought to be high on the campaign agenda every four years. Instead, it rarely gets mentioned.

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Fire season has arrived

Feather Publishing


Last year was an exceptionally good one when it came to forest fires in Northern California. Thanks to a wet winter and heavy snowpack in 2010-11, there simply weren’t too many.

But the chances of a repeat performance this summer are pretty slim. Thanks to less-than-normal snowpack and a mild spring that saw an early melt-off, the forests in Plumas County are already becoming tinder dry. The U.S. Forest Service signs along the roadways are already warning us that fire danger has become extreme.

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Visits around town bring back Eastern Plumas memories

Debra Moore
Portola Editor

Walking down the hall at Eastern Plumas Health Care, I slowed as the memories came flooding back. It was if someone had turned back the clock and I could envision the young mother and her newborn being cared for on the other side of the wall. Though I only moved away from Plumas County five years ago, it has been 15 years since I lived in Graeagle. We moved there in 1987, just two months before our youngest daughter, Carly, was born — hence the hospital flashback.

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