Keep the comments coming, even if anonymous

Alicia Knadler
Indian Valley Editor


Anonymity. I can’t say it’s surprising what some people will say or write when they know their names will never be used, when their identities will remain secret.

So it was little surprise when I read online at plumasnews.com the snide comments about the county auditor last week. I’d heard the grumbles before, even way over here on the other side of Mount Hough.

So it will be with interest I hear about the maneuvers and job changes at the county level. I’ll have to put my long ears on again, but eh, it’s good to shake the dust off ’em once in a while.

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Meth or children? Addict picks family

Feather Publishing

When Michelle told her 6-year-old son she was going to be interviewed for this article, he said, “You’re a star, Mom!” This is an accurate description of Michelle. She is a “star,” in the sense that she is much like an “entity in the darkness that generates its own light, fixed in place by gravitational forces.” In Michelle’s case, the gravitational forces in her life are her four children, ranging from age 5 to 8. “I did it for them,” she says, “and I want others who are struggling to know that this way of life is so much better!”

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Upheaval in schools brings community together

My Turn

Debra Moore
Staff Writer

At 10:26 p.m. I breathed a sigh of relief. The school board members, who had been in closed session for more than two hours, were filing into the room. Finally, they would make an announcement, probably that “no action was taken,” and we would move on to the second meeting planned for the night.

But I was wrong. Instead, the board approved a motion to extend the meeting past its mandated 10:30 end time, and exited the room to return to closed session. I looked around the Portola High School library, where only a few people remained last Tuesday night — former school board member Jonathan Kusel, a couple from Indian Valley, Portola High School principal Kristy Warren and a handful of school district employees.

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Get ready for a memorable election cycle

Sam Williams
Lassen County Times

Back when I was a young and stupid 20-something, I hiked to the top of Mount Whitney with a couple of friends. I first made the summit when I was 10 after my mother and my soon-to-be-new-stepfather decided the two of us needed to do some male bonding. My step-dad always said I was the first person to ever climb Mount Whitney on his butt because I sat down and rested so much, which drove him absolutely crazy because he was a fit young man in his late 20s. So much for the male bonding experience.

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The big C lives large in my life these days

Sam Williams
Managing Editor
Lassen County TImes

Cancer — it’s one of those words no one wants to hear and one of those subjects nobody wants to talk about. Right now that six-letter word dominates my life. A family member battles the dreaded disease and probably will be OK, but an old friend probably will lose his fight with it soon.

Sitting around the dinner table these days we’re talking about chemotherapy, hair loss, infections, dealing with dietary issues and appetite loss. They’re just matter of fact conversations about what lies ahead and how we deal with the future — not some dark and dreary laments. The future for my family member looks bright, and a full recovery is expected.

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