Pretty soon we will all be friends

Dan McDonald
Staff Writer


A friend of mine says he has 2,032 friends.

I checked. He’s not lying.

Some of them he said he even knows. A few he’s actually met.

Remember the days when friends were flesh-and-blood buddies we called and hung out with on the weekends?

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Are 7-11 committees tilting at windmills?

Jason TheobaldSchoolClz
Staff Writer


In a scene from his literary masterpiece, “Don Quixote,” Miguel de Cervantes depicts the eponymous main character, riding at breakneck speed on horseback, lance leveled for the attack, at windmills he’d mistaken for giants. The scene, while comical, is an allegory with a number of interpretations. The most common, however, is that of a battle that cannot be won or fighting an unbeatable foe.

Why am I talking about “Don Quixote” in my opinion piece? Simple. After attending the last five Chester area District Advisory or “7-11” Committee meetings, I find myself asking if the committee is fighting a battle that cannot be won.

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Teachers step forward and speak out

Feather Publishing


We applaud the courage of Plumas County teachers to step forward and speak truth to power at last week’s school board meeting. The Plumas County Teachers Association said publicly what many teachers and staff members have been telling us privately for several years now: they work in “a climate of intimidation and fear of retaliation.” The statement was part of PCTA’s no-confidence vote in Superintendent Glenn Harris.

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History shows term limits are a bad idea

Stah Statham
Former state legislator

In 1994, I sought a promotion that I didn’t want.

I had been in the Legislature for 18 years, representing Lassen, Plumas and other counties in the far north of California. I loved serving in the Assembly. I didn’t do anything wrong! I didn’t even come close to committing a felony, unless putting about 90 good laws on the books was wrong.

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Gee, what a surprise

Mona HillSchoolClz
Staff Writer


I have had the dubious privilege of watching school superintendent Glenn Harris operate for the last several years, not just as a reporter, but also as a parent, grandmother and representative of Plumas Charter School. The current situation comes as no surprise to me, he has been telegraphing his moves since late 2009.

Plumas Unified School District has real problems based on declining enrollment and a statewide budget crisis.

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