Free speech, demagoguery and political discourse

Mona Hill
Staff Writer

I listened to Sarah Palin talk about the Arizona murders and attempted murders and, for the first time ever, found myself agreeing with her — kind of.

She’s right when she says responsibility for the shooting allegedly rests with Jared Loughner.

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Fire Chiefs respond

Gary Castagnetti
Ed Ward
Vice President
Tom Forster
Plumas County Fire Chiefs Association


The Plumas County Fire Chiefs Association recognizes and commends the members of the Plumas County grand jury for their service to our community. Like the many men and women who unselfishly volunteer their time as members of our fire departments, the members of the grand jury deserve to be thanked for their public service.

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Feather Publishing

The new year has, unfortunately, started off with a nasty streak. Our staffs in Susanville, Chester and Quincy have been working overtime to cover two major breaking news stories.

In Plumas County, a plane crash at the Chester airport left two dead. In Susanville, a police officer was killed and his wife and her boyfriend have been arrested on murder and conspiracy charges.

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The travails of winter in the Canyon

Will Farris
Staff Writer


The official beginning of winter is Dec. 21, but we have had the cold, snow and rain for about two months now. Already weary of feeding the woodstove, I have to wonder when this season will end. One of the events that takes place when the mercury drops and the skies open up is a mouse infestation.

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New faces and new places at Feather Publishing

Feather Publishing

Here at Feather Publishing, we start the New Year with some new faces, some returning ones and a few “old” ones in new positions.

Copyeditor Mona Hill has moved to a staff writing position. Her fans will be glad to know that she will continue to write her Gentle Reader and Accidental Gardener columns for us. She will also cover Plumas District Hospital, Feather River College and the fair. She will handle school and about-town activities in Quincy, too.

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