Headlines we’d like to write in 2011

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Small school funding reinstated: Future is secure for Indian Valley schools


Supervisors ante up for more veterans services


PDH doctors save vacationing billionaire’s life; grateful patient offers to pay for new hospital (left over from 2010)

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Why I’m not ‘most people’

M. Kate West
Chester Editor

As we passed through yet another holiday season I found that I was conflicted about the old making a wish for Christmas and the making of a resolution for the New Year thing.

If I were to make a wish, it would be quite different from all the beauty pageant contestants portrayed in the film “Miss Congeniality.” I would not end every sentence with “and world peace.” Not because I don’t desire for all my global neighbors to live in harmony, but because the internal push behind wanting to make wishes in the first place has more to do with my being over the top, again, with the topics of choice being reported on the national news.

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What was Plumas County’s big story? What did we miss? Where do we go in 2010?

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In 17 days, we will put 2010 to bed. As it has been said, it will be one for the history books. The news staff has been diligently sorting through its archives compiling stories and photos from the last 52 weeks of news coverage.

Some of the stories are haunting while others are routine, but each one retells the history of our community in 2010.

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Library offers " Adopt-a-book program"

We all have that person who is difficult to buy for. They have everything already, or their tastes are very particular. Maybe they live far away and you’re not sure about what they might need or want.

Still, you can’t neglect great-aunt Martha at Christmas.

We recently became aware of a local program that might solve such purchasing dilemmas.

In the interest of buying local, giving a meaningful gift, and doing something that will make a difference in the world, we suggest you adopt a book for the Plumas County Library in honor of people on your Christmas list.

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Let's turn the tables on those who would divide us

Feather Publishing

Over the last few weeks we have had to cover a spate of racially tinged controversies. A former coach, an African American, has sued Feather River College, alleging racial discrimination; another coach, a Native American, is on the verge of suing Plumas Unified School District, also for racial discrimination; and the district's business director is under attack for the racist slogans on the truck she sometimes drives to work.

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