Politicians fiddle while spending sinks California

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It's no secret, and it shouldn't come as a big surprise to anyone living in Plumas and Lassen counties - the state of California faces a fiscal crisis of frightening and historic proportions that's not likely to be resolved anytime soon.

While legislators, politicians and pundits try to place the blame and offer possible stopgap solutions, most of them ignore the simple, down-to-earth reality faced by every household in the state trying to balance its checkbook and keep food on the table and every business leader from San Ysidro to Fort Dick struggling to stay in business and make payroll every week: You can't spend money you don't have.

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As a community, we need arts education

Patrick Shillito
Staff Writer

I make no claims of talent. I am not a gifted singer, I dont know how to play a single instrument (not even the spoons) and I cant paint my way out of a room.

However, many of us have to acknowledge the fact we wouldnt be who we are today without the influence of artistic expression in our culture. It may have started out as a simple finger painting class when we were in kindergarten, or forced lessons in front of a stereotypically strict piano teacher after school.

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A plea to the U.S. Forest Service

To: Randy Moore
Regional Forester
Vallejo, CA

Dear Mr. Moore,
    The Plumas County Board of Supervisors would like to thank you for meeting with representatives of our county along with many other representatives from Northern California last December in Sacramento to discuss forest management issues.

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We have a new citizen-generated e-mail address

Feather River Publishing

    It’s hard to keep up with the newest innovations in technology. The latest is the new smartphones that cannot only send and receive phone calls (an old-fashioned way of communicating, or so it seems), but also send text messages, e-mails and photos almost instantaneously to almost anyone in the world.
    These smartphones have opened a new door to the world of newsgathering, and while the news staff still believes in sending out reporters and working the beat angle, we are recognizing people can’t be everywhere at once.

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Election rules

Once again it is time for the paper to explain its rules when covering election news.

Tuesday, June 8, Plumas County residents will vote in the primary election for governor, lieutenant governor, California secretary of state, state controller, state treasurer, attorney general, state insurance commissioner, state assemblyman, a U.S. representative, a state senator and superintendent of public instruction.

They will vote at the local level for county sheriff, district attorney, District 5 and District 3 supervisors, treasurer-tax collector, county assessor, auditor-controller and clerk-recorder.

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