Battling weak memory — enjoying strong creativity

My Turn - James Wilson

  I have a bad memory. I’ve grown to figure out how to live with this by writing everything down, but it’s still annoying at times. When it comes to short-term memories, no problem, but long-term … forget about it.

  Earlier this week, my co-worker Debra Moore brought in a painting to hang in the newsroom. After she hung it up, I took a look at it and got an overwhelming sense of familiarity.

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Sweet summer memories are made at traditional events — with your support

Feather Publishing Opinion

  Believe it or not, summer is winding down. The days are getting shorter, and the mornings have that crisp, cool sensation that means fall is on the way.

  The waning days of summer also mean that it’s time to enjoy a favorite summer tradition — the Plumas-Sierra County Fair. The fair gates actually opened this morning. And Friday the annual Railroad Days kicks off in Portola.

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Sierra Pacific not liable for Moonlight Fire

Feather Publishing


Sierra Pacific Industries has been arguing for nearly six years that it wasn’t responsible for starting the 2007 Moonlight Fire. Last week the timber company received a favorable ruling that helped to bolster its claim.

  One week before a civil trial was scheduled to begin in Plumas County Superior Court in Portola, Judge Leslie C. Nichols reviewed the evidence and told the prospective jurors to stay home. He said there simply wasn’t enough evidence against SPI to justify a trial.

  CalFire was suing SPI for $8 million to pay the state’s expenses from fighting the two-week wildfire that burned 65,000 acres.

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Believing in the power of a double bed

My Turn by Debra Moore
Staff Writer

As the staff from the Iron Door rounded the corner, single candles flickered in two of the desserts they carried to our table.

There should have been 56, but how do you put that many candles on the scoop of vanilla ice cream that my dad had ordered or the apple crisp that my mom had selected?

My parents celebrated their 56th wedding anniversary last weekend, a feat that I truly admire and envy.

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Every cloud has a silver lining

Laura Beaton
Staff Writer

High Sierra Music Festival no exception

  I spent more time at High Sierra Music Festival this year than I ever have in the past. Still, that’s not saying much, as generally speaking, I’d rather take a hike and a dip in a cool mountain lake than stand with hordes of hot, sweaty bodies in a crowded venue blasting music that’s way too loud.

  Nevertheless, if a person doesn’t take advantage of small town events that often come few and far between, life would be pretty dull — and who wants that!

  I have to hand it to the High Sierra organizers: after 14 years of producing the festival at the fairgrounds, they have it down.

  With everything from a first aid station, showers, extra sinks outside for tooth brushing and water bottle filling, food and clothing vendors galore, real bathrooms as well as dozens of port-a-potties, inside and outside music venues, kids’ areas, nightly parades and upwards of 50 or more incredibly talented musical groups, the fairgrounds are transformed into a high-functioning village.

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