Our jail situation isn’t a crisis, but it’s close.

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  Plumas County desperately needs a new jail. There is no denying that fact. But we’re not going to get one, at least not in the immediate future.

  We are going to have to squeeze a few more miles out of the jalopy jail until we can afford a down payment for a new one. The board of supervisors made that fact perfectly clear last week.

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The hunt for Bigfoot

My Turn  by James Wilson

  I’ve been told many times that life in Plumas County is magical. And who can deny that with all the beauty that surrounds us? The forests, rivers and lakes really are enchanting.

  I believe that growing up in Plumas County is even more magical. Children already believe in magic, and supplementing that belief with Plumas County’s environment just inflates the magic.

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Fight for your health

  According to its website, the American Cancer Society has been leading the way to transform cancer from deadly to preventable for 100 years.

  The ACS promotes maintaining a healthy body weight, exercising regularly, eating healthfully (few processed foods, moderate amounts of red meat), quitting smoking, limiting alcohol and conducting cancer screenings.

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Trails are the key to rebuilding rural communities

Where I Stand  by Tim Rhode

  Let’s get our community on TRAC for some serious economic growth.

  Are you sick of seeing our community slowly die? Doesn’t it sadden you to see our good friends and neighbors lose their homes and jobs, forcing them to move out of Plumas and Sierra counties? Now we see Bank of America in Portola has folded up and we may possibly be losing our hospital. Is there anything that can be done to help stem the tide and turn things around so our friends and neighbors can have employment, pride and hope for their future?

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Now is the time to prepare for dangerous fire season

Where I Stand - Sue McCourt
Plumas County Fire Prevention Specialist

  Plumas County is no stranger to wildfires — our beautiful Northern Sierra has been shaped by fires for centuries. Fire is part of our surrounding landscape and learning to live with wildfires is part of life. As we all watch our favorite newscast on television, read our favorite source of news in our local newspapers and online, we can’t escape the fact that wildfires play a big part of breaking stories.

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