Voters deserve to know the truth

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  Mud slinging and politics go together like apples and apple pie. Politicians of all persuasions, parties and ideologies have been throwing the dirty stuff at each other and trying to make it stick as long as there have been candidates for office. That’s not unusual, and negative campaigning has become a hallmark of many national, state and local races this election season. And it seems to be getting worse.

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Deputies’ fate rests with the union

  Last week’s announcement that the sheriff was withdrawing his plan to lay off and demote deputies was great news.

  Recent disturbing events —including a home invasion, burglary and officer-involved shooting — have many citizens on edge. The prospect of personnel cuts at the sheriff’s office have been met with shock, fear and anger.

  Some residents — including the sheriff himself — directed their frustration at the Board of Supervisors for cutting the sheriff’s budget by $760,000.

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Rationing higher education is poor public policy

Dr. Kevin Trutna
Interim Superintendent/President
Feather River College


On my first day as interim superintendent/president at Feather River College, the Chips Fire was burning along the side of the road as I drove up Highway 70 on my way to work. This setting is the perfect metaphor for the current economic situation in Plumas County and the state of California.

  The Chips Fire was contained through the effort and determination of several firefighting agencies and an adequate investment in resources, even though we are currently mired in a poor economy. Right now California is at a similar crossroads — we must decide whether to fund an economic turnaround fueled by a trained and educated workforce or watch our state burn away like the initial stages of the Chips Fire.

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Governor signs Brown Act enforcement bill

Feather Publishing

  Good news for the public’s right to know. With the deadline approaching for taking action, California Gov. Jerry Brown recently signed a measure that restores the public’s ability to enforce the Brown Act when a violation occurs.

  Co-sponsored by the California Newspaper Publishers Association (CNPA) and Californians Aware, Senate Bill 1003, by Sen. Leland Yee (D-San Francisco), overturns an appellate court’s decision that existing law does not provide a remedy for past Brown Act violations by a local agency.

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Sometimes we don’t know what we have until it is gone

My Turn
Susan Cort Johnson

    When I look at a sheet of music the notes provide no clue to the melody. Once I could say, “I read music,” and my fingers would press the right keys on the piano interpreting the works of Mozart, Bach and Beethoven.

    Yet, as a high school freshman, I decided I no longer had a half-hour I could devote to practice. There was no time to play songs that had become familiar and so they were soon forgotten. The intention was not to let them slip away, but early mornings in front of a mirror putting on makeup; late nights practicing French for an oral test; poring over math equations; long chats with girlfriends; securing tickets to a rock concert; living out the details from the latest fashion magazine; dances; Friday night football games … “childish” pursuits were set aside.

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