Business Scene for the week of 3/20/2015

Matthew Kitchens, the new owner of The Toy Store Little People in Quincy, just returned from the Toy Fest West in Las Vegas, the largest toy convention and tradeshow on the West Coast. He said that every toy vendor imaginable — from Mattel to Fisher Price to Melissa & Doug — was there showing off its newest products. He said he also spent time visiting with many entrepreneurial game developers from all over the country who brought the latest in family games to try out. Matthew said the one that really caught his attention was called Love Letter, a simple card game that involves bluffing, deduction and player elimination with a renaissance theme deck of cards. Other vendors and their products that caught his eye included Star Wars and its realistic light sabers; Nano Quad Copters that he said resemble bumble bees zipping around at high speeds; and K’NEX, a company that started out 20 years ago and has now become an educational innovator. They are introducing Thrill Ride, a set that allows kids to use their imagination to build their very own working roller coaster. These are just a few of the thousands of toys that are coming out and Matthew says many will be landing on his shelves this spring.

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Business Scene for the week of 3/13/2015

Due to the high demand for pet dental treatment during February’s National Pet Dental Health Month, Dr. Doyle Rolston, owner of Indian Creek Veterinary Clinic, is extending the 20 percent discount he offered in February through March. The dental workup includes an examination, pre-anesthetic bloodwork, IV catheter with fluids, anesthesia, cleaning, polish and a dental package that you can take home for follow-up preventive care. The clinic is located in Crescent Mills across from the entrance to the Mt. Huff Golf Course.

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Business Scene for the week of 2/27/2015

As management continues its successful resurgence of the resort property,">Nakoma Golf Resort and Spa has added Scott Burns as their new executive chef. Scott will oversee the menu offerings for the Wigwam Room restaurant and FLoW Bar & Lounge inside the only Frank Lloyd Wright-designed clubhouse and direct preparation of the resort’s banquet items for special events.

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Business Scene for the week of 3/6/2015

Plumas Bank has filed an application with the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation to establish a full-service branch in Reno, where the bank currently operates a commercial loan production office.

Andrew Ryback, president and chief executive officer of the bank, said, “For the past several years we have been looking for an opportunity to expand our banking services into Northern Nevada. We’ve built a brand that centers on customer service and providing financial solutions to our clients and we believe that this customer-focused approach will make us a competitive force in the region. Bringing our philosophy and practices to Northern Nevada is the next step in continuing the proud tradition of Plumas Bank and we believe expansion into this growing market will provide a host of benefits to our shareholders, clients and employees.”

B.J. North, a longtime Reno local who is executive vice president, retail banking manager for Plumas Bank, said, “The bank’s philosophy is to deliver a high level of customer care along with a full complement of business and personal banking services. We are poised and prepared to serve the Northern Nevada community with enthusiasm. We are confident that Plumas Bank will be a perfect fit for the Reno business community.”

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Business Scene for the week of 2/20/2015

What business was at our location prior to us moving in? What was our name before we became Quincy Hot Spot? What brand of jar candles do we carry? Those are the first three trivia questions asked in Quincy Hot Spot’s new easy-to-enter-and-win trivia contest. Don and Dee Dee Driscoll now include a trivia question in their store’s biweekly ads found inside this newspaper. If you know the answer and bring it by the store you stand a chance to win a $10 gift certificate. Contest or not, you should make a point of stopping by to check it out because there are lots of reasons why it is called Quincy’s Hot Spot! If you are looking for furniture, wood stoves, barbecues, barbecue sauces and rubs, housewares, gift items and the like we doubt that you will find a better selection, better quality or better price anywhere else. The store is on Highway 70 in East Quincy between the One Stop and Polka Dot.

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