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   These are a few of the stories you will find in this week's printed newspaper:

  • Townhalls attract crowds: Assemblyman Brian Dahle and Sen. Ted Gaines met with constituents in Quincy and Chester during a three-meeting swing through Plumas and Lassen counties.
  • New leader: After nearly three decades, the Plumas County Mental Health Commission has a new leader. Supervisor Kevin Goss was named to replace Hank Eisenmann.
  • Home away from home: As of last week, new homes had been found for all of the patients at Quincy Nursing & Rehabilitation and most had already moved.

Public fire meeting has light moments

Samantha P. Hawthorne
Staff Writer

The proposed Chips Fire evacuations have not broken the spirits of Canyon residents.

Despite the growing flames, residents and agency officials managed to keep their humor alive while discussing the status of the fire Aug. 13 at the Almanor Recreation Center.

Concerned residents gathered throughout the overcapacity building, finding room wherever they were able.

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PG&E works fast to restore power outage caused by Chips Fire

Ashes and heavy smoke from the Chips Fire caused a wide-spread but short term power outage in western Plumas County Wednesday afternoon.

As the Chips Fire burned near two transmission lines that carry power to and from Plumas County, ashes and particulate matter from smoke around power lines caused arcing. To protect themselves, the transmission lines switched off, causing the outage.  Later, when smoke conditions changed, PG&E was able to restore power flows on the transmission lines and voltage conditions were normal.  However, PG&E crews had to reach and then manually restore power by resetting circuit breakers in substations. Thanks to an escort by firefighters, a PG&E hydroelectric operator was able to quickly reach the Caribou Powerhouse switchyard and restore the switch within 45 minutes.

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Budget officer says the county is ‘out of money’

Dan McDonald
Staff Writer

Plumas County’s bleak financial outlook only seems to grow worse each week.

Last week, the Board of Supervisors voted to schedule a series of seven workshops aimed at cutting another $1.8 million to balance the general fund budget.

During their meeting Tuesday, Aug. 7, the supervisors discussed, and sometimes argued about, the options available.

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PUSD faces huge deficit

Laura Beaton
Staff Writer

If taxpayers vote against the initiative to raise taxes toward financing schools, that hit will be absorbed in the current school year, according to Schools for Sound Finance.

The passage or failure of the tax initiative in November, along with a reduced county property tax rate, could spell the difference between a $2.3 million and a $3.1 million deficit for Plumas Unified School District for the 2012-13 school year.

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Railroad Days rolls into town this weekend

Debra Moore
Staff Writer

The 30th annual Railroad Days celebration kicks off this Friday at 4 p.m. and organizers say they are ready.

“It’s pretty much done,” said organizer Patricia Ryan, who, along with her husband, Rich McLaughlin, stepped in to run this year’s event.

They and a core group of individuals have been meeting weekly and working intensely to ensure the future of Railroad Days.

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