Remember When for the week of 8/29/2014

Keri Taborski
Feather Publishing Historian

75 YEARS AGO.....1939

The stock of J.R. Long grocery store in Greenville was damaged to the extent of several thousand dollars when fire started in the waste material located in the rear of the store Monday evening. A nearby house was also damaged.

50 YEARS AGO.....1964

The last half of our bound volumes in our archives for the year 1964 (July through December) is missing and those historical items are not available to include in this Remember When column.

25 YEARS AGO.....1989

The Feather River Inn near Blairsden will be the backdrop of a television movie: “The Breaking Point” starring Corbin Bernsen of television’s L.A. Law fame. It is a World War II drama, a remake of the 1965 feature film “36 Hours” that starred James Garner.

Two bus loads of Plumas County timber men and loggers as well as a dozen of Plumas County logging trucks loaded with logs and festooned with signs attended a rally in Redding this week to protest the proposed USFS listing of the spotted owl on the endangered species list. They joined some 2000 people who attended the rally at the Redding Civic Center.

10 YEARS AGO.....2004

Now that Plumas County has enough money to close its landfills and implement transfer sites, the Plumas County Board of Supervisors have eliminated the $38 annual solid waste parcel fee that was implemented in 1991.

The newly founded Feather River College rodeo class and program is helping to renovate and improve the old equestrian arena at the Plumas County fairgrounds in Quincy. The new class, which expected a first time enrollment of about 20, has 38 students from all over the country enrolled to date.

Note: items included in the weekly Remember When column are taken from our bound newspaper archives and represent writing styles of that particular period. The spelling and grammar are not edited, so the copy is presented as it actually appeared in the original newspaper.

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