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County balances budget - barely

Joshua Sebold
Staff Writer

For the time being the county general fund budget appears to be in some form of relative balance, although county officials fear that may be a temporary state.

The nerve-wracking question mark looming over the upcoming fiscal year will be $375,000 in penalties and interest from unpaid property taxes that could arrive in the county counsel budget, but might not come in on schedule.

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Plumas County election wrap-up


Delaine Fragnoli - Managing Editor

Dick Lundy and Jon Kennedy are headed for a November runoff for the District 5 supervisor seat.

Lundy finished last Tuesday’s balloting with 48.99 percent of the vote, just short of the 50 percent plus one vote he needed to win outright.

Kennedy garnered 43.69 percent, 102 votes behind Lundy. Ralph Wittick collected 7.06 percent of the vote.

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Bluegrass in Chester Park June 26

M. Kate West
Chester Editor

    What could make an afternoon more enjoyable than sitting by the North Fork of the Feather River under the shade trees in the Chester Park while enjoying the drifting melodies of live music and sharing a tasty micro-brewed beer?

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Quincy Community Service District weighs system repairs

Joshua Sebold
Staff Writer

The Quincy Community Service District board took the first major step in a process to possibly repair the district’s sewer system at the Tuesday, June 10, board meeting.

The board has been discussing issues with the system for years.

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