In front from left are Quincy High School graduating seniors, Caitlyn James, Haley Stewart and Elliott Clark. In back from left, Coach Mike Yalung, McKynlee Gay, Vivian Thielman-Gifford, Coach Ron James, Macy Peay, Lexi Baumgartner, Kayla Thackeray, Chloe Newton, Kristin Murphy, Emma Beatley, 28 Brystol Beatley, Coach Jason Newton and long time Assistant Coach Terry Sanchez who is retiring this year. Not pictured: Gaia Nelson. Photo by Mari Erin Roth

14-1 QHS Trojans run for home in a winning season

By Mari Erin Roth

“I can’t say enough about this year’s team,” said head Quincy High School softball coach Mike Yalung. “From the graduating seniors to our 10 other student athletes; their hard work on the field and in class have contributed to a successful season. Special thanks to the coaching staff who have worked tirelessly for this team.” Yalung has been coaching the Trojan softball team for over a decade.

Senior captain Caitlyn James (7-1), a 4-year varsity starter, has led the team to a 14-1 season with three games to go. “CJ has 96 K’s (strikeouts) in 48 innings pitched with an ERA of 1.02. She also carries a .488 batting average with 4 home runs and 31 RBIs,” said Yalung. “Bristol Beatley (4-0), McKynlee Gay (2-0) and Macy Peay (1-0) will take over the pitching responsibilities next season.”

Senior captain Haley Stewart is also 4-year starter who moved from the outfield her freshman year and has been solid at third base ever since. “Senior Elliott Clark has been our primary catcher this season and has done well behind the plate with all four pitchers,” said Yalung. “Emma Beatley is working to fill the spot next year.”


Junior Lexi Baumgartner has been an offensive powerhouse for the team with 5 home runs and a .628 batting average and 30 RBI’s while holding down the shortstop position.

“Juniors Vivian Thielman-Gifford and Kayla Thackeray have donegreat job at 1st base with Chloe Newton holding down second,” said Yalung. “We have had some fantastic outfield play by Kristin Murphy, Macy Peay, McKynlee Gay, Gaia Nelson all lead by center fielder Brystol Beatley.”

The final games for the Quincy Trojans are Thursday, May 20, hosting the Lassen Cougars, and a doubleheader in Los Molinos with the Bulldogs Saturday, May 22, at noon and 2 p.m.

It’s a race of physics between Portola Tiger first base Micaela Coronadoand and Quincy sprint runner Emma Beatley. Tiger pitcher Justine Rapacilo no. 3 watches the outcome as does QHS first base coach Ron James. Photo by Mari Erin Roth
Tiger Sophie Ward is on third with the ball coming trying to stop Trojan Emma Beatley with Portola grand slam-slugger second base Alyssa Ross ready for back up. Photo by Mari Erin Roth